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10 Best Resident Evil 7 Cheats Codes and Secrets to Exploit

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In the course of this GenuizMedia cheats and secrets guide, we will give you the insider into every interesting resident evil 7 cheat codes exploit. Before we delve in, here are the different types of cheats that you can see in the Resident Evil 7 game.

Different Types of Cheats that you would see in the Resident Evil 7 Game

Resident Evil 7 Cheats codes



When you complete the Resident Evil game, players would stand a chance to unlock new in-game items. These in-game items usually appear in subsequent playthroughs or in any file that is loaded thereafter.  When these in-game items are unlocked, you are free to use them in your storage box and use them however you wish in your game play.

Gameshark codes

This is an interesting type of cheat that can be used in the Resident Evil game.  When we say GameShark, we mean a brand of video cheat cartridges and other products that are used for consoles and PCs.  With a GameShark Code cheat, a Resident Evil gamer can load cheat codes from GameShark discs or cartridges into the internal memory of the console, be it a Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation. This is so that whenever the game is loaded, the cheats can be used.

Now we are done with the two types of cheats that you would find in the Resident Evil, let us drop the cheats.

Here are the 10 best GameShark Cheat Codes in Resident Evil 7

Now we already know how the GameShark cheats work, here are lists of interesting cheat codes that can be used to exploit the Resident Evil game play.

1. Code that can be used to grant a game character infinite health- 800C51AC 0060

800C867E 0060

2. Cheat that can be used by a gamer to make the overall time at end of the game to be “00’ 00’ 00” –

800C867C 0000

3. Gameshark code that can be used by the Resident Evil 7 gamer to turn a knife into a Rocket Launcher –

D00C8784 0001

800C8784 FF0A

4. Game cheat code that can be used to save anywhere in the game after pressing L1 –

D00CF844 0044

800C8456 0002

800343F2 2400

8003446E 2400

5. Cheat Codes for modifying all the in-game items in chest 1 within the resident evil game –

800C8724 FF3D

800C8726 FF41

800C8728 FF06

800C872A FF07

800C872C FF08

800C872E FF09

800C8730 FF3E

800C8732 FF13

800C8734 FF14

800C8736 FF15

800C8738 FF16

800C873A FF17

800C873C FF18

800C873E FF19

800C8740 FF1A

6. Game cheat codes that can be used to modify all the in-game items in chest 2-

800C8742 FF1B

800C8744 FF1C

800C8746 FF1D

800C8748 FF1E

800C874A FF1F

800C874C FF20

800C874E FF21

800C8750 FF22

800C8752 FF23

800C8754 FF24

800C8756 FF25

800C8758 FF26

800C875A FF27

800C875C FF28

800C875E FF29

7. GameShark code that can be used to modify all the in-game items that are in the chest 3-

800C8760 FF2A

800C8762 FF2B

800C8764 FF2C

800C8766 FF2D

800C8768 FF2E

800C876A FF2F

800C876C FF30

800C876E FF31

800C8770 FF33

800C8772 FF34

800C8774 FF35

800C8776 FF36

800C8778 FF37

800C877A FF38

800C877C FF39

8. GameShark cheat codes that can be used to modify items that are located in the chest 4-

800C877E FF3A

800C8780 FF3B

800C8782 FF3C

9. Chest modifier cheat code for the Bazooka (Flame Rounds ) – 6409

10. Gameshark Chest modifiter code for Broken short gun in the game-  001C


There you’ve seen the 10 best cheat codes that can be used to exploit resident evil gameplay. Now let us look at another type of cheat in the game. Speaking of the devil, let us delve into the 5 best unlockables cheat in resident evil 7.

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5  Best Unlockables in the Resident Evil 7 Game

1. How to unlock a dirty coin

It functions like a spare Antique coin, and can be unlocked when you complete the demo while having obtained the dirty coin that is in your inventory.

2. How to unlock a circular Saw

This is an in-game item that functions like a special melee weapon. It can be unlocked when the gamer completes the game in less than four hours in any game difficulty.

3. How tounlock Infinite Ammo

This is a special unlock that can be used for all firearms. It can be unlocked when you complete the Resident Evil 7 game on Madhouse difficulty.

4. How to unlock Walking shoes

With this ability, the gamer would have increased movement speed and have it easier to outrun enemies. It is important to note that it does not affect sprint speed, only walk speed. You can unlock this ability by completing the game on easy or normal mode, while getting all Mr.Everywhere Stattuetes.

5. How to unlock the X-Ray Glasses

This is an interesting item that can be used to reveal the location of any hidden in-game item. it can be unlocked by completing the Resident Evil 7 game at any difficulty in less than 4 hours.

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