Cookie Clicker Cheats

All Cookie Clicker Cheats, Hacks, And Cheats Codes

In the course of this article, we will be looking at all the cookie clicker cheats codes and hacks available.


Cookie Clicker is a browser-based game that allows gamers to click on cookies and earn in-game resources that can be used in making more cookies. This browser game is free, has no ads on it, and does not require any form of sign-in prompt. Without further ado, let us share some of the best cheat codes for cookie clicker.

How To Enter Cookie Clicker Codes On Different Browsers

Cookie Clicker Codes

This game can be played ad-free on the Chrome Browser. To be able to access the Cookie Clicker cheat menu, the gamer will need to press CTRL. + Shift + J. If the player is accessing Google Chrome from a MacBook, you will need to press COMMAND + Option + J. After using the sequence of buttons, you will get a user interface, where you can key in your Cookie Clicker cheat codes.


One the Safari Browers, the way of accessing the Cookie Clicker cheat is by pressing Command + Option + C. Just as it is with the Chrome browser, a user interface will come up where the gamer can key in their cheat codes.

Coming to the Firefox browser, the Cookie Clicker gamer will need to press the Control, Shift, and K in order to open the cheat console. The aforementioned guide is Windows-PC-specific. For your Mac with a Firefox browser, also click on Control, Option, and K.

Complete List Of Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes And Hacks

The following are cookie-generating codes that will unconventionally allow you to create cookies in the Cookie Clicker game. With the aid of these hacks, you can get rich in Cookie with minimal gameplay time. Here is the list of cookie cheat codes:

  1. Earn(<cookieount>); – This cookie cheat code is used to earn as many cookies as you want.
  2. cookies=1000; – with the aid of this code, a gamer can set their total cookies to whichever number they want
  3. cookies= Game.cookies + <number>; – use to add the desired amount of cookies to your current total
  4. cookiesPs=<number>; – With this cheat code, the Cookie Clicker gamer can set their cookies per the second amount.

List of Cookie Clicker Hack Names and Activation Codes

  1. Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1; – can be used by the player to unlock the achievement of their choice
  2. Ascend(1); – can be used by the player to ascend to a heavenly space and turn their cookies into Heavenly Chips and Prestige.
  3. AscendTimer=<time>; – used by the Cookie Clicker gamer to change the Ascend Timer
  4. bakeryName=”<bakery name>”; – if a gamer wants to set a name for their bakery, this code can be used.
  5. bakeryNameRefresh(); – used for refreshing your bakery name
  6. BuildAscendTree(); – In the cookie clicker game, this code can be used to build the Ascend Tree
  7. buyBulk=<1/10/100>; – change X# buy amount.
  8. CalculateGains(); – calculates gains in the game.
  9. computedMouseCps; – calculates your mouse cookies per second amount.
  10. dragonLevel=<level>; – set your dragon level in the game.
  11. gainLumps(<amount of lumps>); – add as many lumps as you want in the game.
  12. Has(‘<achievementme>’); – check if you have a certain achievement in the game.
  13. killShimmers(); – removes all shimmers in the game.
  14. LoadSave(); – load a saved file in the game.
  15. LoadSave(local); – load a local save file in the game.
  16. localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo); – save your game locally
  17. MaxSpecials(); – get the max amount of specials in the game.
  18. Milk = <amount>; – change your milk amount in the game.
  19. milkProgress = <milk amount>; – change your milk progress in the game.
  20. mousePointer=0; – change your mouse pointer in the game.
  21. particlesUpdate(); – update particles in the game.
  22. popups=0; – remove the game’s popup notifications in the Cookie Clicker game.
  23. RuinTheFun(1); – unlock everything in the Cookie Clicker game.
  24. santaLevel=<level>; – set the game’s Santa level
  25. sesame=0; – turn sesame on or off in the Cookie Clicker game.
  26. SesameReset(); – reset the game
  27. SetAllAchievs(1); – unlock all achievements in the Cookie Clicker game.
  28. SetAllUpgrade(1); – get all upgrades in the Cookie Clicker game.
  29. Win(‘<achievementme>’); – another way to unlock an achievement of your choice
  30. track(‘milk’); – with the aid of this code, a gamer can track the milk timer in the Cookie Clicker game.

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