Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Defeat Some of The Bosses

During the passage of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will encounter several bosses at once. Much more powerful enemies than those that you fight on a regular basis. They are much more dangerous than the same madman with a chainsaw, thugs with a pig mask and a hammer, and local residents with a parasite instead of a head. To defeat them, you will have to use the best weapons and the right strategy to save ammo and heals. Especially at higher difficulty levels. You need to carefully study the behavior pattern of each opponent, his attacks and weaknesses. Below we briefly talk about all the bosses in the game.


Del Lago

Del Lago is the first boss in Resident Evil 4 Remake and is fairly easy to defeat. At the beginning of the fight, he will pull the boat that Leon is in. Attack him several times, throwing endless harpoons. Try to predict in which direction the monster will move in order to launch a preemptive strike. Sometimes he goes under water, after which he will appear in a random direction. As soon as he begins to approach the boat, do not let him crash by throwing a harpoon into a huge mouth. After that, he will again drag the boat. Repeat the process until the enemy is completely destroyed.

El Gigante

To defeat El Gigante in Resident Evil 4 Remake, shoot the giant with everything you have and try to aim for the head. Eventually, a parasite will appear on his back. The parasite is its weak point, and from the moment it appears, you need to shoot exclusively at it. Once you deal enough damage to the parasite, El Gigante will be stunned. A prompt will appear. Run up to the enemy, press the indicated button / key to get on his back and melee attack the parasite, dealing additional damage. Soon after, El Gigante will come to his senses. Repeat this process.

In the arena where the fight takes place, there are two small huts. Inside them, look for useful resources that will help in battle. Don’t linger too long inside the huts. If you hide, El Gigante will destroy it. If you save the gray dog from the trap on the side of the village chief’s house (after visiting the house itself), he will appear after the first stun of El Gigante and will distract the boss, allowing you to freely shoot the enemy and the parasite on his back. 

Peasant Women With a Chainsaw

Two opponents with a chainsaw that can create certain problems for Leon. To defeat them, try to move around the location so that in no case be between them. When necessary, parry attacks with a knife. Before taking the handle, also ask Ashley to hide in the yellow locker. If there are grenades, immediately equip them: grab the handle and after the cut-scene, throw grenades at the feet of both opponents. If you need space, run outside the hut. Video game lovers will also enjoy sports betting, click on íþróttaveðmál and get access to thousands of teams and events with bonuses.


Bitores Méndez

The fight against Bitores Méndez in Resident Evil 4 Remake consists of two stages. On the first floor, immediately climb the stairs to the upper floor, since it is much safer here than staying below. Bitores will not be able to follow you up. However, the enemy has long tentacles, and he will be able to attack you with them. From the second floor, you will see a weak spot on the opponent’s back. Keep shooting at the eye on Bitores’ back, remembering to dodge oncoming attacks. Eventually, the upper body will separate from the lower one, and thus the second stage of the battle will begin.

During the second phase, Mendez will throw burning parts of the building at you and move along the rafters. It moves fast so be careful. You need to run away from the burning debris. Immediately after that, you can shoot him several times. At some point, he will pick up two red barrels with explosives. Take the opportunity to shoot the barrels to make them explode and deal extra damage to Mendez.


Defeating Garrador in Resident Evil 4 Remake is not difficult, although this requires more tact than with the same El Gigante. The monster is protected from all sides, with the exception of the only weak spot on the back. Garrador is blind, but has excellent hearing. You must take advantage of these. Touch the chains hanging from the ceiling to create noise and distract Garrador. Do not run under any circumstances! If you can distract the monster and get behind him, don’t waste your ammo. Get closer and attack with a knife! Killing Garrador with just a knife will give you an achievement.

Every time a Garrador attacks, try to quickly dodge and attack the Parasite on its back. If you don’t want to suffer, use firearms. If you see that the parasite has crawled out, attack it, thereby causing additional damage. Repeat the process until the enemy is completely destroyed.


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