Pokemon Sword Mystery Gift Codes

All Pokemon Sword Mystery Gift Codes for 2024

In the gaming industry, Pokemon Sword is one of the best role-playing games. One of the ways to enhance your Pokemon Sword and Shield game time is the Mystery Gift codes. These codes come with massive in-game rewards that can boost your gameplay. In the course of this article, we will take you through a guide on Pokemon Sword Mystery Gift Codes.


Pokemon Sword Overview

Pokemon Sword can be regarded as one of the main entries of the Pokemon series. This pokemon release allows you to befriend a lot of other characters and pokemon. In the gameplay, your major objective is to become the champion. However, before you go on to become champion, you need to defeat eight gyms.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Mystery Gift Code That Is Working


For the time being, there is no code that is active and functional. This is the reason why you should bookmark our page, as we will be updating it with more active codes as they become available. Unlike other gaming blogs, we take our time to test our codes before dishing them out here.

How to Redeem Pokemon Sword Mystery Gift Codes

It is one thing to get your hands on working Pokemon Sword Mystery Gift codes, and still don’t know how to redeem them. There is no big fuss in redeeming Pokemon gift codes, it is straightforward. All the Pokemon gamer needs to do is to launch the game and look at the menu option that says “Mystery Gift”. After pressing on A, you will proceed to click on “Get a Mystery Gift”. Next u, the gamer will need to click on “Get With Code/Password ”. After pressing A once again, enter your gift code and claim your reward.

Expired Pokemon Sword Mystery Gift Code In-game reward Date of Expiration
ER1CSGASTR0D0N Gastrodon 27th Jun 2022
APC2021CHAMP Shiny Clefairy 19th Jun 2022
GL0BALCHAMP2021 A Charizard based on the one used by the winner of the Global Exhibition 3rd Nov 2021
1STPTCCHAMP Porygon-Z 22nd Aug 2021
V1CT0RYENG1NE25 Colossal 16th Aug 2021
PC4F1NALSBEAST Beast Ball 2nd Aug 2021
PLAYERSCH01CEPC Golden Bottle Cap 19th July 2021
SPR1NGPA0R1 Life Orb 16th May 2021
WPF1NALSPC3 Weakness Policy 26th Apr 2021
DREAMB1GPC3 Dream Ball 12th Apr 2021
ADVENTUREB9F 12x Exp. Candy XL + 12x Big Nuggets 3rd Apr 2021
P25MUS1C Singing Pikachu 25th Mar 2021
K1NP1KA1855 World Cap Pikachu 30th Nov 2020
ULTRAP1KA Alola Cap Pikachu 30th Nov 2020
KAL0SP1KA Kalos Cap Pikachu 30th Nov 2020
P1KABESTW1SH Unova Cap Pikachu 30th Nov 2020
V0LTTACKLEP1KA Sinnoh Cap Pikachu 30th Nov 2020
P1KAADVANCE Hoenn Cap Pikachu 30th Nov 2020

The developer of the Pokemon game has control over the codes and determines how long before the codes expire. There are mystery gift codes that expire faster than other codes. To get quick updates and you don’t want to bookmark our blog post, you can follow the developers on social media. They have an official website, an official Discord community, Reddit, and Twitter handle.



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