Pay Pigs

Pay Pigs Explanation And 4 Tips To Make Thousands Of Dollars From It

Many fetishes are out there, and some are out of the ordinary. One interesting fetish gaining traction in online communities is “Being A Pay Pig”. As a Pay Pig, you enjoy the sxxxal satisfaction of being dominated financially by a woman. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a comprehensive review of what “Pay Pigs” is all about, and how a woman can make thousands of dollars from it. Without further ado, let us delve in.


All About Pay Pigs

Pay Pig is a derogatory term used by a female to describe a male that is always submissive, and consents to financial servitude. A Pay Pig is usually seen as a findom fetish.

This findom is mostly exercised online, which is why in order to make money off a Pay Pig, you need to be attractive to your money slaves. You should also be skilled in exercising strict control over your subs.

How Ladies Can Make Thousands Of Dollars From Pay Pig

Profiting off a Pay Pig is a side hustle that is common with the female gender. Here is a practical guide on how a woman can make thousands of dollars from this side hustle:

1. The Lady Should Make Herself Known Online

As stated earlier, having utter dominion over a man’s finances starts from the internet. This is why the first practical step is to create an attractive online profile for yourself.

You can do this by talking about yourself in online communities where findom is talked about. Another way of getting an online presence that can attract Pay Pigs is by running your own blog, where you post your own videos and other related content.


Another online approach is to have an Amazon wish list and then have a mailbox for receiving money from persons who wish to be your submissive.

2. Choose A Good Financial Domination Online Platforms

Another interesting approach is to have an account with a well-known findom site. Most sites are free, while others charge a fee for findom membership. You should also be cautious in trying to register with these platforms, as most of them are riddled with scammers posing as subs while they are not. On any findom site, you opt for, be on the lookout for verified subs.

3. Never Make The Assumption That Your Clients Are Not Smart

Now that you are in a reputable findom site, the next stage is to not make the assumption that all your subs are dumb and pathetic. It is important to know that a man opting to be financially submissive is a psychological fetish. Most subs on findom sites have top-ranking positions in companies.

4. Focus On Your Videos, Words And Pictures

A man that is looking for someone to be financially submissive to will always focus on the quality of videos and pictures. In a bid to make thousands of dollars off this side hustle, the lady needs to put in some work in that area.

You can opt to be sensual in your appearance, but only in a way that will make the man pay you for bossing him rather than sxx. If you are too sxnsxxl, then you are going against the theme: Pay Pigs. Pay Pigs are so-called because they spend on women without any sxxuxl favors.


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