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How to Fix Overwatch 2 Friends List Empty & Not Showing Up

Overwatch 2 is one of the best FPS games out there in the gaming market. This intriguing game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Just like most successful video games out there, Overwatch 2  can sometimes be hit with technical errors. One of such errors is the Overwatch 2 Friends List appearing empty or not showing up at all. In the course of this article, we cover several troubleshooting steps to help solve this in-game error.


1. Restart Overwatch 2 and Battle.net

Whenever you are hit with the above stated error, one practical way to resolve it is to close the Overwatch 2 game and exit the Battle.net client completely. After this,  relaunch the Battle.net client and the game. This approach can be used to resolve the glitch causing your Friends List to appear empty.

2. Check your Device Network Connection

In order for your Overwatch 2 game to function properly, it needs to have a stable internet connection. In light of this, the gamer needs to make sure that they are not experiencing any significant disruptions in gameplay. If you encounter the “Friends List Empty and Not Showing Up” error, kindly restart our modem or router in order to refresh the internet connection.

3. Verify Your Overwatch 2 Server Status

Other than internet connectivity issues, you can experience a glitch due to server-related problems. The best way to curtail this is to check the official Overwatch 2 server status page. You can also do some short-term online research at forums. This way you can determine whether there are ongoing server issues or maintenance. If there is a server-related problem on Blizzard’s side, you may need to wait until the issue is resolved.

4. Update Battle.net Client and Overwatch 2


If you are gaming with an older version of Overwatch 2 and the Battle.net client, you may wind up with compatibility issues. Having compatibility issues can lead to challenges with the game’s friends list. To combat this, ensure that both Overwatch 2 and the Battle.net client are up to date. It is important to note that the Blizzard launcher usually handles updates automatically, but it is in your best interest to manually check for updates occasionally.

5. Reset Your Battle.net Cache

When you have corrupted cache files, it can lead to improper functioning of the Overwatch 2 friends list.

In a bid to find this, simply close the Battle.net client and follow the below-elucidated steps:

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  • Proceed to type “%ProgramData%” (without the quotes), then press the Enter key. After doing this, the ProgramData folder will open.
  • The next practical step involves looking for the Battle.net folder and deleting it.
  • Then proceed to restart the Battle.net client and try to launch Overwatch 2 again.

6. Disable Security Software and Firewalls In Your Gaming Device

When there are lots of security softwares and firewalls working in the background, they can block Overwatch 2’s access to the necessary servers. This can then lead to a blank Friends List. A practical approach to follow is to disable or configure your antivirus software and firewall settings. This will allow Overwatch 2 and the Battle.net client to establish proper connections. When you are done troubleshooting, don’t forget to re-enable the firewalls.

7. Reach Out To Blizzard Support

If all the above fixes did not work, then you can go on to ask the developers of Overwatch 2 for assistance. You can contact the Blizzard support team by visiting their website, and providing a detailed description of the glitch you are experiencing. In the message, include the error message you may have encountered, in this case, it will be “Friends List Empty & showing up”.

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