Couch Your Lance In Mount And Blade 2

How To Couch Your Lance In Mount And Blade 2

Mount and Blade 2 is one of the best video games out there with a thrilling world of battles and conquests. However, to enjoy your combat based gameplay, you need to master the art of couched lancing. In the course of this article, we will be covering a practical guide on how a gamer can couch a lance in Mount and Blade 2.


Understanding the Basics of Couched Lancing

Before you start couching your lance, you need to understand its basics first. For starters, couched lancing is a powerful technique that can significantly increase your chances of success in horseback combat. To couch your lance in Mount and Blade 2 effectively, you need to have a good understanding of the game mechanics involved.

A gamer should ensure that they equipped a lance as their primary weapon. Lances in the game are specifically designed for couched attacks. Also worth noting is that they are longer than other melee weapons. This feature of lances allows the gamer to strike from a greater distance.

When you want to start a couched lance attack, the mount and blade 2 player needs to be mounted on a horse and be riding at a high speed. When the gamer approaches their target, the lance should be leveled by pressing the appropriate key (usually the right mouse button).

The Timing of the attack is crucial, so it’s best for the gamer to release the couched attack just before making contact with the opponent.

How To Choose the Right Lance And Mount

If you want to Couch lance in Mount and Blade 2, you need to equip your game character with the suitable weapon. After selecting your weapon, proceed to press X while you’re riding your horse.


Also worth noting is that the gamer should ensure that the speed is accelerated in order to boost the attack.

We at Geniuzmedia, believe that the ideal speed to Couch Lance in Mount and Blade 2 is up to 44. This may vary from other creatures that you want to use to attack.

The best creatures to use to mount an attack are horses that have high maneuverability and speed. That way, you would be able to execute good couched attacks. You can opt for breeds such as the Steppe Charger, Courser, or any other horse with good speed specs.

Formation and Tactics 

When you combine the strategic use of formations and tactics, couched lancing would become very effective. Basically, when you concentrate the force of the strike, it would have a greater impact. Another interesting point to note is that when you coordinate with your fellow cavalrymen, you can execute synchronized couched lance attacks. This strategy can help to break enemy ranks in the mount and blade game.

In addition, exploiting the terrain to your advantage can greatly enhance your couched lancing effectiveness. Use your game character to find open spaces that provide ample room for maneuvering and charging. Hills or elevated positions can give the gamer an advantage, allowing you to build momentum and strike with increased force.


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