Crash Crypto

New Breed of Gambling: Crash Crypto

It is not rational to bother with KYC checks at the top of KYC checks when crypto is an available option today. This form of adding cash to your gambling website wallet allows players even play abroad without any real dangers. It is also cheaper in most cases due to banking fees being absent while using blockchain technology.


An important place in the crypto casino market is taken by various games emulating the real stock market. One of them is the Crash type, known for the fast-paced action similar to Dice or Roulette. It is not quite popular among average gamblers, so websites rarely include it in their roster. Crypto enthusiasts must take some of the time in order to find the place themselves or use this article as an alternative route!

Which Currencies are Popular

Cryptos are a popular topic today, leading to the development of more tokens every day. Some of them have 0 value, while others are straight-up scams. It makes the market bloated with thousands of currencies, with only a handful of them suited for crash game money deposits. These are some of the examples but definitely not the final list:

  •       BTC;
  •       USDC;
  •       ETH;
  •       LTH;
  •       MATIC;
  •       DOGE;
  •       USDT;
  •       BNB.

Some of them are stablecoins whose price is tied to The United States Dollar, while most of the tokens are pretty volatile. This term means their exchange rates and market prices can change over dozens of percent higher or lower in hours! It is such a rush trading of currencies with constantly changing prices which is successfully replicated in Crash Games.


Register Here to Play

Crash crypto games are not a guest often seen on major gambling websites. That said, blockchain enthusiasts do not have to spend hours in order to find a place to play. Some examples:

  •       TrustDice;
  •       CrashXGame;
  •       Towerbet;
  •       Cryptogamble;
  •       Betsmixer.

Moreover, they often have unlimited access no matter which country a player is from. Some security experts may say that makes them impossible to operate in any trustworthy jurisdiction. Yes, but at the same time, it makes them cheaper to operate with fewer fees put on an average gambler. To avoid straight-up scams, it is advised to use review aggregators like Trustpilot.

How to Play Crash Games

If anyone has never seen such type of gambling entertainment before, some clarifications are required. The user interface consists of a play screen and 2-4 buttons. One of them is used to start and end the round, while others are settings or rules tab. The animation on the main screen may vary from game to game but the main principle is to push the button before the rising price will go down.

Use Promotions before the Game

As any player sees, nothing is easier than playing crash on any places listed above but do not forget about bonuses! Deposit multipliers and bet protections are waiting to be activated. Moreover, by signing up for the blog, users can receive exclusive promocodes to their email address. It is the chance to add crypto to your investment account without any trading whatsoever. 



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