Live Dealer Roulette

Mastering Live Dealer Roulette: 6 Expert Tips for Winning Big

There are not many casino games that have a global reputation like roulette. It has become the choice of game for many, with its popularity having continued to escalate with newer ways to enjoy it aside from being at a physical table.


Players are now able to access the game online and still enjoy many of the best gameplay experiences virtually. Technology has played a significant role in making the game more accessible, more playable, and innovative as new features have been able to be introduced to enhance any session that is enjoyed.

Maximizing gameplay can help to improve roulette experience

A lot of playing roulette should be about the maximization of the gameplay experience. Although the game is simple to enjoy, there are no guaranteed ways in which a player is able to win. Therefore, it is important whoever plays ensures they are able to get the most enjoyment and entertainment they can from their gaming experience.

These are six steps that can help improve any winning chances that may be possible…

1.    Know the Bets

The first thing that players should understand is the bets that are available, as this can immediately boost any win potential. Roulette features a number of different types of bets that can be placed, with each categorized as either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ bets.

Outside bets are often the more popular as they cover a certain group – colors, odd or even, etc. – thus providing more winning opportunities. However, the win amount is smaller. Inside bets are those based on individual numbers, thus being more lucrative if they land but a lot more challenging to accurately predict.

2.    Strategies can help when playing roulette

When enjoying a game of live roulette, it can often be beneficial to adopt a strategy, as these can maximize win potential. There are various available, but the Martingale Strategy is perhaps the most popular and widely used. This method requires players to double their stake every time they lose, with the idea being that they will eventually recoup any losses when they win. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will work, while bankroll can rapidly decrease.


Other strategies that are often considered when playing this game include the D’Alembert method and the Paroli method. They each have their own pros and cons, but it is vital to understand each one in order to maximize a player’s success.

3.    Stats can be your friend

While roulette is a game of chance, statistics can often be a good way of trying to make an informed decision. They may not provide an insight into what the future holds, but they can show potential trends that are happening. These can then be used to guide a player when making a bet, thus potentially maximizing the success that could be had.

4.    Remain disciplined

Like all gambling games, roulette requires a player to be disciplined and remain focused at all times. It can be very easy to stay at the wheel and continue to place a bet, hoping that one comes in. If losses continue to occur and bets are made, then a player’s bankroll will quickly evaporate. If they are able to stay on top of their spending and only make informed decisions, the bankroll is more likely to remain for a longer period of time, thus allowing more bets to be made and enhancing the gameplay being experienced.

5.    Understand house edge and payouts

The casino has an edge (known as the house edge) with each of the games that it offers. This is the amount of profit that they will obtain from each type of bet that is made. Players who understand this will recognize the chance of a certain outcome happening, which can then allow them to maximize the bets and decisions that they decide to make.

Similarly, each type of bet has a different payout ratio. Again, knowledge of these can be beneficial in enhancing any potential win opportunity, as they can give an indicator of how likely a positive outcome is to be achieved.

6.    Have fun

In order to have a positive roulette gaming experience, it is important to remember that a player is supposed to play principally to receive enjoyment and fun. There is no way of guaranteeing a win, and the thrill of the game and the emotions are supposed to be about how it is played, not whether an individual is up or down in terms of winning. While a nice bonus, money is not supposed to be the be-all and end-all.


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