Remove Parent from Chase Account

How to Remove Parent from Chase Bank Account

There are a variety of reasons people want to remove their parents from an account in a joint chase bank account. It could be due to their desire to become independent, or due to the fact that you’ve grown out of the reason the account was created initially when you were a child. If the idea of removing the account of your parent out of account joint chase bank account appears like a nightmare, consider this article essential to read. Sometimes, it’s better to keep an individual chase bank account solely in your own name only.


Practical Ways to Remove Parent from Joint Chase Account

The best method to ensure sole control over the account is to open an account which is not owned by anyone else who has accrued funds to it. In the absence of further discussion these are the best ways in order to remove your parents from the joint chase bank account.

Partnering with your Chase bank to help remove your Parent from your chase bank

There are many banks that have their own rules for the removal of someone from the joint account. The same goes for the much-talked-about chase bank account. Certain banks may prefer that the person who owns the joint account will be able the close the account in some cases, while other banks would require you to open an individual account instead of removing one individual from that joint account.

In order to be eligible for one of the two choices, you need to be physically present in any chase bank branch. The reason behind this is that the joint account holders who in this instance are your parent are entitled to the funds that are stored in your joint account. In order to do this personally, you will need to bring a co-owner of your account in person to the branch.

Filling a Form in order to close the joint chase bank account

If you visit your local Chase bank and request that you remove the account of a person from your chase account, you would have to provide a form for them. The form will indicate that the account uses the account holder’s social security numbers as the principal account holder to report tax usage. This means this: the principal account owner in the chase account can’t be removed. The only person who can remove the account is the Chase joint account primary holder.


In the event that the principal account holder is to be removed, there is no requirement to utilize the form provided by Chase bank. Chase bank. Instead, the other account owner would have to fill out an application for the opening of a new brokerage account.

The form clearly stipulates the two account holders must complete the form. If the chase account is currently in use, and the account includes a margin or options privileges, or collateral or option privileges, the request to remove the account will not be considered till fresh margin collateral or privilege is accepted.

It is also necessary to present the death certificate in case you discover that any of your account holders dies. . Here is a sample of a form that is issued by the Chase bank in other to remove your parent from a joint account.

Withdrawing the money in the Joint Chase account

It is also possible to consider getting rid of your parent by maintaining a zero balance. This way, you’ll be able to keep the account with a zero balance. This means you; the chase bank client would have to withdraw the entire amount of money that is in the account.

In addition in the event that the account has an insufficient balance that account would have to be paid back prior to any other action being initiated.
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