Play Previous Wordle Archive Game Puzzles

How To Play Previous Wordle Archive Game Puzzles

Did you know that the Wordle puzzle game follows a one-puzzle per day format? To be able to master your word-guessing skills, the game gives strict regulations on playing the game daily. However, it is possible to play previous Wordle archive game puzzles. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a guide on how to play previous wordle archive puzzles.


Guide On How To Play Wordle Archive Game Puzzles

There are many practical ways that a word puzzle gamer can enjoy past Wordle game puzzles. Here are some of them:

1. Use The Official Website, But Change Time On Your Device

First off, every Wordle gamer should not forget that there is a database that contains a repository of words from previous puzzles. One way to access previous Wordle challenges is by playing it on your device. This process is tried and trusted as a means of playing the old wordle games.

To be able to play the Wordle archive game on a Windows device, press the Windows Key and “i” key together. This will open the settings app. If that does not open the settings user interface on Windows, click on the Windows Key, then click the settings gear icon.

The next step will involve changing your date and time settings. Here, you will have to click “Time & Language”, then click on the toggle to turn off the automatic time setting. When you change the date and time setting, you can play Wordle archive games on your Windows PC.


2. Make Use Of The Unofficial Website: Wayback Machine

Internet archives can be accessed with On this site, you will have access to Wayback Machine, where you will have to key in the Wordle direct link. The next step will be to choose the year that the gamer would like to access.

You’ll see dates that are circled in the calendar. These highlighted dates are the dates that can be gone back to for some Wordle game time.

3. By Making Use Of ReWordle

The website that goes by ReWordle, a Github user who goes by Infinite Sword created it. With the aid of this site, a gamer can choose a previous Wordle puzzle that they wish to indulge in.

However, unlike other Wordle Archives, it does not randomly select a previous Wordle for users. With some of these fan-made sites, gamers can indulge in past Wordle challenges.

How Can You Play Wordle Game Officially?

The official platform to play the Wordle game is the New York Times website. It is a daily game that allows word puzzle gamers to make six attempts in getting the correct sequence of words. The official website for accessing the Wordle game is

Each guess made by the Wordle player has to be a valid five-letter word. After making a guess, you will need to hit the enter button. It is important to note that after the player makes a guess, the color of the tiles will change indicating how close the guess was.


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