Get Money Fast In Project Slayers

How To Get Money Fast In Project Slayers

Project Slayers is a popular anime based game in Roblox. This interesting Roblox game was modeled after the Demon Slayer anime. The in-game money here is Wen, and this article is dedicated to covering a practical guide on how to get money fast in Project Slayers.


By Completing Tasks Multiple Times

For a start, there are a bunch of easy tasks in the Project Slayers game that can land you a hefty sum of Wen. For instance, if you help Sarah pick up rice, you will earn 120 Wen. When you are done, you can repeat the same task again within a couple of minutes. Another interesting task involves helping Betty to find her bracelet. The award for this will be 500 Wen. You can repeat this task as many times as you want, as this will earn you money fast. Also worth noting is that Grandpa, an NPC will give you 150 Wen, when you sprint fast to deliver his cart to an exact location.

Defeating Enemies To Earn Wen

Just like in other Roblox video games, enemies will drop money when you slay them. This is no different in the Project Slayer game. When you defeat enemies, especially the high level ones, you will be granted hefty amounts of Wen.

Getting More Money Via Fishing

An interesting option that a gamer can use to get more money in Project Slayers is fishing. For a start, the gamer will need a fishing rod, which will cost you 2,500 Wen. But when a player indulges in fishing, they end up with 1,000 Wen.


By Buying 2X Wen Pass

This list of ways to get money fast in Project Slayers will not be complete without talking about buying the 2X Wen Boost. With this boost, a player will increase the amount of Wen they get via any means. This Wen boost lasts for only 15 minutes. Since the boost only lasts for 15 minutes, make the most of your time, and double the Wen. To get the 2X Wen pass, open the shop and select the money pouch icon. This pass will cost you 95 Robux.

Repeat The Above Processes

When you repeat the guides above, you will make money fast in Project slayers. With the 2X Wen pass, fishing, assisting humans, etc, you can do it over and over again, and still make money. Unlike most Roblox games that set limits on how players can farm in-game currency, Project Slayers has an unlimited loop allowing games to earn.


With the above elucidated guide, a gamer can comfortably get the Wen money fast in the Project Slayer game. This interesting manga-like game allows its players to explore villages, towns, and mountains as well. It is a Roblox game that is filled with action and thrills. The gameplay is all about completing chores and assisting humans. With the money you earn, you can become a fierce warrior as you master multiple skills. Some of these skills include; hand to hand combat, different combat combos, and the use of weapons.


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