Get Free Money In Online Casinos

How To Get Free Money In Online Casinos

Online gambling establishments often offer their players different loyalty programs, discounts, and bonuses.  Cashback in online casinos motivates gamblers to return to the game, continue playing or reward them for their loyalty. You can learn more about loyalty programs at Many players are so used to them that they do not even pay attention to them, or even consider online casinos cashback as a fraud. But this is a myth, and cashback from online casinos is a good way to play for free, have fun and increase your profits. 


How Do Cashback and Bonuses Work at Online Casinos?

Players become eligible for incentives at cashback casinos when they complete certain tasks or meet specific requirements. The most common form of cashback is in the form of bonuses. Players receive a cashback bonus after making a deposit at an online casino.

As a rule, casinos offer two ways to get a cashback bonus through online promotions.

Bonuses by promo code Direct receipt of a bonus by using a promo code. Online casinos give players promo codes providing a certain amount of money for achievements. In this case, to receive free money, the player must enter the code in a special field
Automatic accrual of bonuses The casino automatically returns the pre-agreed amount to the player’s bonus account for playing certain games

As a rule, the bonus money cannot be cashed out but it can be spent on games at the online casino and used to earn more. 

In order to use the bonus, the casino may impose additional conditions:

  • restriction on the types of games – some bonuses can only be spent to play certain slots or games;
  • minimum and maximum bet levels for using free bonuses;
  • wagers are multipliers, which means the multiplication of the wager that the player must make in order to use the bonus funds. For example, if you were given a $20 bonus with a wager of x5, you would have to bet $100 to be able to withdraw money won with the bonus;
  • The casino may limit the one-time withdrawal bonus – for example, it may be forbidden to withdraw bonuses of less than $10.

Players with a lot of experience recommend carefully studying the rules for free bonuses in your casino. So you can use them as effectively as possible and get more profits.

Types of Cashback at Online Casinos

Most popular online casinos have different types of cashback:

  • welcome bonuses;
  • return bonuses;
  • automatic bonuses;
  • cashback for losing;
  • total cashback.

The welcome bonus is the most popular type of bonus. You can get a welcome bonus for your first deposit as an incentive to join an online casino. The usual welcome bonus is 100% of the first deposit. This means that if a new player makes a deposit of up to $20, the online casino will offer the appropriate amount as a bonus. Some online casinos are famous for offering welcome bonuses that are as much as 400% of the first deposit. Some online casinos offer a welcome bonus on several initial deposits. The amounts of these bonuses can be as high as thousands of dollars.


Return bonuses, or reload bonuses, are offers of refunds for players’ deposits after they have taken advantage of a welcome bonus. Operators calculate them as a percentage of the deposits made. The formats vary from casino to casino. Some online casinos offer cashback on total deposits during a specified period subject to a maximum limit. Usually, they are offered to players so that they can continue playing or return to the game after a break.

Many online casinos automatically credit bonuses for the game. For example, it can be 2% of the permanent cashback from the bankroll spent on a particular slot. Such cashback is used to promote new or unknown slots. Some operators may give permanent cashback for any game in their casino, but with special conditions on the withdrawal or a special wager. Despite the demand for this solution, such bonuses are very profitable because no matter when and how you play in the casino, you will get free money.

Online casinos understand that players don’t feel happy when they lose. They offer some consolation by giving back a part of the loss in the form of a cashback. This is a good solution to keep players coming back more often and could get get back their losses back.

Cashback for totals is one of the most attractive cashback offers. It doesn’t matter here whether a player wins or loses. They will receive a cashback as a part of the total amount they bet in a given period. The amount of the refund will only depend on the amount that the player bets with.

How to Get Your Bonus

If you are eligible for a bonus, then no one will limit you in this. 

For example, to take the welcome bonus you don’t need anything other than:

  • register, confirm your email, and log in to your profile on the official website of your casino;
  • gGo to the “Coupons” section on the site (more about coupons and what they are you can read at;
  • choose a coupon that is available to you;
  • activate it in your personal cabinet.

Cashback with personal deposits is usually credited immediately after the deposit is made. Cashback on deposited amounts and on losses is specified during the period. The most common period is a week. However, it’s not always like that. Some casinos may return the money even every day, and some do that only once a month. There are those that make payments at any time, and they depend only on the amount of bets and the conditions of a particular coupon.

Is It Worth Taking Advantage of Cashback?

Casino cashback is a benefit that online casinos offer you. However, you don’t really have to take advantage of all the cashback offers. If an online casino automatically credits the cashback, you should study the conditions of its wagering and withdrawal. They can be quite confusing. Particular attention should be paid to possible wagering requirements. 

You can always find all the information about the bonus money on the official website of the online casino. If you do not understand something in the conditions, contact the support desk.


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