Fake Stockx Tag

Fake Stockx Tag Vs Legit Stockx Tag, How To Spot The Difference

A lot of false manufacturers are out there replicating the stockx tag. This is why spotting the difference between a fake stockx tag and legit stockx tag is now a thing. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical way to differentiate between a fake stockx tag and a legit stockx tag.


Legit Stockx Tag

A legit stockx tag is a seal used by the stockx company to stamp their authenticity on a product. If a sneaker is a product in question, the legit stockx tag will always be on the shoe.

Stockx company has a clear-cut logistic procedure: where every transaction must go through their warehouses. This is why they use a legit stockx tag to authenticate their products.

Difference Between Fake Stockx Tag and Legit Stockx Tag

The best way to spot the difference between a fake stockx tag a legit stockx tag is to check whether the signature and “X” icon on the card that comes with the tag are made from a different laminated material. The next thing is to check to see if the tag has any inconsistency that suggests that it is not a high quality product.  In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at a comparison between a fake stockx tag, and a legit stockx tag.

8 Steps to Spot a Fake Stockx Tag 

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be elucidating a practical steps on how to spot a fake stockx tag:

Step 1: Pay Close Attention To The Font That Is On The Front Of The Stockx Tag

The first thing to be on the lookout for is the font that is on front of the coin on the item you want to buy. Most inscriptions on a fake stockx tag appear to be chipped, and scuffed. The coat of paint would also not be as high in quality as that of the legit stockx tag.

Step 2: Inspect The Stockx Logo That Is On The Authenticity Tag


In the second step, you would need to closely pay attention to the “X” logo that is used by stockx.  You have to spot the differences in the arrow sign. The authentic tag has an oblique line on the left side of the X interception of the logo. This is not common with fake stockx tag.

Step 3: Inspect The Stockx Card That Comes With The Tag 

It is important to note that fake stockx tags do not come with counterfeit paper ware. We need to elucidate that stockx is not constant in the way it distributes these cards. One important tells in the cards that can be used to spot the difference, is the signature.

Step 4: Flip The Coin And Pay Attention To Its Rear Side 

Another interesting tells is when you flip the coin over and look at the rear of the coin. You would notice a text inscription on the rear of the coin. Don’t bother about the QR code’s fake vs. real comparison. A coin that is authentic would appear as if it was dragged through rough materials.

Step 5: Be Aware That The Tag Is Always Attached To The Left Sneaker And Not The Right One 

It is important to however note that not all fakes get this detail wrong. Every approved stockx sneakers, comes out of their warehouses with the tag attached to the left shoe. However, this implies that any stockx sneaker that has a tag attached on the right shoe is fake.

Step 6: Check Whether The Cable Can Be Unplugged And Re-plugged 

Another important tell is whether the cable that is attacked to the stockx product is detachable or not. A fake stockx sneaker usually has cables that can be disconnected and re-attached together any time.

Step 7: Scanning The QR Code To Determine Whether The Tag Is Fake Or Real 

Another interesting way to spot the difference between a fake stockz tag and a real one is that the QR code scanning gives different results. For a legit stockx QR code, when you scan it, yo8u would get an internal code that is used by the Stockx company. However, if it was a fake QR code on the stockx tag, it would take you to the stockx website.

Step 8: Check The Stockx Receipt 

Another interesting tells is that the legit stockx receipt comes inside the package that you ordered for. However, the telltale sign of a fake stockx receipt is that it has a hand signature of the stockx CEO. Which is something you would never notice on a real one? The real stockx receipt makes use of a thermal printer, with a distinctive signature signing format.

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