Does Heb take Apple Pay

Does Heb take Apple Pay – This is the Answer

If you do not read this article, you will not learn whether or not HEB accepts the Apple Pay payment method. HEB is a brand that has its locations scattered all over America, and in this article, we will cover the mode of payment that they accept, both in-store and in self-checkouts. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


Short Answer

Yes, HEB accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. It is possible to use Apple Pay at any HEB location in America to make payments for groceries that you bought.

In a bid to use Apple Pay to make your payment, all you need to do is to hold your iPhone or Apple Watch at the contactless reader and put your finger on the Touch ID. You will be deducted from the Apple Pay balance, or the debit or credit card linked inside.

What Is The Best Alternative To Using Apple Pay At HEB?

Other than using Apple Pay to process a payment at HEB, there are other interesting ways to make payments. However, the best alternative to Apple Pay at an HEB store is HEB Go. Yes, HEB Go! This app was built by and is currently maintained by the owners of the HEB brand.

HEB Go is an app that allows for fast, contactless, and easy purchases at an HEB store. All you need to do is to download the HEB app, proceed to create an account, and then choose a payment method.

While at an HEB store, after making your grocery purchase, head to the self-checkout aisle and scan the barcode with the HEB Go app. The HEB app reduces the need to wait in line to be attended to by HEB store staff.


It is important to note that other than the Apple Pay, and HEB Go app, the HEB store also accepts other forms of payment. Here is a complete list of payments that they accept:

  • Cash payments
  • Check payments
  • Credit and debit cards, be it; Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express
  • H-E-B Gift Cards
  • H-E-B Digital Gift Cards
  • WIC

Is HEB Go A Safe And Reliable Way Of Making Payments On HEB?

The short answer is yes., HEB Go is a safe and secure means of making payments on the HEB app. The HEB Go allows its current and prospective users to enjoy total control over how much information is being seen in their accounts.

The HEB Go payment app unlike other ePayments methods prevents others from having access to your personal data. According to a disclaimer from the HEB Go app, your HEB payment transactions are totally encrypted for security reasons.

Does HEB Accept Google Pay Or Samsung Pay?

It is important to note that HEB does not take payments from Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. This is because they are already in use of the Apple Pay and the HEB Go payment options.


This article successfully covered everything you need to know about making HEB payments. It takes the simple installation of the Apple Pay app from the Apple Store, and some contactless barcode scanning at an HEB self-checkout to pay for your groceries. Between the HEB Go and Apple Pay payment methods, Apple Pay is highly recommended over HEB Go.


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