Cybersport vs Sport

Cybersport vs Sport. Why are they Fighting?

The rapid development of esports haunts both video game lovers and those who have a negative attitude towards the pro-gaming world. Each post or article collects comments like: “Is esports a sport?” On the one hand, we understand the audience of traditional sports which are not used to the fact that by playing computer games they can become millionaires (often faster than in traditional sports). However, such behavior cannot have the opposite effect – not all esportsmen like to interfere in their environment from the outside. Now there is a lot of information about e-sport, tournaments, games, betting, matches you can see it on True fans will always find something to look at.


Why is esports a Sport?

Cybersport is a competition of players (teams) in virtual reality (video games). The main principle of esports competitions is victory over an opponent, the spirit of competition. Cybersportsmen train, have their own coaches and assistants, undergo the necessary medical examinations, participate in tournaments and fight for the title of the strongest. If we consider the “backbone” of e-sports, then it is the same as in sports.

What do traditional sports fans don’t like about esports?

Most often we are talking about the absence of severe physical exertion. Fans of football, hockey and other sports do not agree that the training hours of professional players can be compared to the serious physical preparation for their favorite sports.

What don’t like representatives of esports?


Most of the current leaders in esports, both gamers and managers, have been following this trend for over a decade. They lifted esports out of the abyss on their shoulders and changed their image. Thanks to them, esports is not just sitting at the computer at home or in some club in the basement. At the moment, every major tournament takes place in arenas, gathering tens of thousands of people in the hall and broadcasting to millions of people on the Internet. All this huge audience is accumulated a large amount of money, some of which goes to the prize fund.

Esports mastodons do not like that today there are people who want to do everything and most of them do not even understand the rules of esports.

To become a master of esports, first of all, you need to play, play, play. Experience develops in practice. And if there is a goal – to professionally engage in e-sports: master the management of e-sports teams, game design, learn how to organize events in the gaming industry, and deeply understand the game.

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What will happen when the border between sports and esports is lost?

I would like to think that peace will come. But due to the special “toxicity” of Internet users, one can confidently expect the appearance of various kinds of provocations. However, the frivolous attitude of the majority of viewers towards esports has made it a strong and independent phenomenon. Perhaps competition with sports will continue to bear fruit.


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