COD Cold War Redeem Codes

All COD Cold War Redeem Codes for 2024

One of the best first-person shooter games is Call of Duty Cold War. In a bid to get the best out of your COD Cold War campaign, you will need some codes. Redeeming these codes makes freebies available to the gamer. In the course of this article, we will be looking at active COD Cold war codes.


List Of Active COD Cold War Redeem Codes

Since this franchise of Call of Duty was launched, the developers of the game released at least 4 or 5 codes every month. With the aid of COD Cold War codes, a gamer can lend players cosmetics in the form of operator skins, weapon charms, and calling cards. One code can also be redeemed to get multiple cosmetics. For example, some Cod cold war redeem codes can gift a gamer a bevy of Dorito and Mountain Dew-themed rewards all at once.

Also worth noting is that Cold War is tied to the Call of Duty: Warzone. This implies that any in-game rewards you get will automatically transfer into the battle royale.

This is the first time that the Call of Duty series opted to allow game players to redeem codes for free items without having to purchase any goods like Doritos.

You can check the COD social media accounts for updates of codes, and also monitor game trailers. In the same vein, we took the pleasure to compile a list of all active codes in the COD Cold War game.


Here are all 15 active codes for December 2024 and how to redeem them:

  • GZ28T7TY5L618
  • M53TJGB2W7647
  • 4CQJ0R0L8J8D9
  • N6T3059VGQ8KW
  • R95M2LBQN3M96
  • CRYTJKV157079
  • X5VCM8QW34170

How To Enter And Redeem COD Cold War Codes

Here is a stepwise guide on how to redeem your COD Cold war codes:

  • First off, the gamer will have to head to Call of Duty’s official redemption centre.
  • Next, they will need to sign into their Call of Duty account to have a prompt for a text box appear on the user interface.
  • From then on, the gamer will need to key in the code into the text box, without any lowercase, or spaces.
  • If you keyed in the COD codes correctly, the site will show a prompt that the codes were entered correctly.
  • The items that the code helped to redeem can be found in your in-game inventory once the game has been restarted.

It is important for a COD gamer to bear in mind that most of the above-elucidated codes have been unlocked through game updates. This is why if you are using these codes at the time of publishing this blog post, you might get a message such as “The Code you entered has already been redeemed.”

Also worth noting is that CoD gamers who need to redeem multiple codes will need to close out and re-open the redemption website for each new code. If this procedure is not followed, the gamer will get an error message; “Please make sure that you are entering your 10 or 13-character code”.

How To Get More Codes

The best way to get the latest updates on our COD Cold war codes is by bookmarking this blog post. Another interesting way to get more updates is by following the game developers on their social media accounts. The developers of Cod Cold War always drop new codes on Twitter and Reddit.


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