Bonus System: How Casinos Attract New Players

Modern business in almost all industries is not without competition. Gambling is no exception. Online casinos are constantly fighting for players. For this purpose, they use different methods. These are:

  • Welcome bonus provided by the casino.
  • Welcome bonus provided by partners.
  • Free videos on Youtube and other hostings.
  • Mailing and texting to random customers.
  • Promotional posts in social networks.

This article is about the most effective ways to attract new punters to the casino. It also gives recommendations on how to use the casino promo offer with maximum benefit for you.

Welcome bonus as the most effective promotion for new casino players

The most effective and, therefore, common way to attract new players is Welcome Bonus. Online casinos use two variants of such promo. The first one is a direct bonus from the project for player’s registration. The second is a bonus received for registration through an affiliate link. Sometimes bonuses from partners do not require following the link. In this case, the promo code is entered after registration in the player’s personal cabinet.

Welcome bonus can be given in the format of free spins or real money on the bonus balance. Examples of the second option can be found on the page of the review site, where the player can find a bonus offer that he likes. The advantage of a fixed amount is that the player knows in advance how much money will be credited to his account. As for free spins, this option is more interesting to very gambling punters who prefer to keep the intrigue until the last moment.

Types of casino welcome bonuses

Modern online casinos offer various types of welcome bonuses. However, the “classic” remains the most popular, and most new punters trust it. This is facilitated not only by its repeatedly proven reliability, but also by the benefits that can be obtained with the correct use of the received presentation. The “classic” types of bonuses designed for new casino players include:

  • free spins for playing one or more slots;
  • a fixed amount of money to the bonus account;
  • no wagering money to the main balance.

Regarding the last point, here it is necessary to make an explanation. Naturally, the casino will not give money for free. If this were the case, most new players would simply take their gifts and leave the casino. To prevent this from happening, online casino owners “insure” themselves. They set certain conditions without which money withdrawal is not available. Most often such a condition is a deposit, which must be wagered with a minimum wager.

The first and second types, highlighted above, are used as welcome bonuses most often. And they can be offered not only separately, but also in the Welcome Bonus Pack. Such bonuses are used after registration. To get each part of the package you need to make a deposit. Sometimes the Welcome Bonus Pack combines deposit and no deposit bonuses.


How to use casino welcome bonus

Like many other marketing strategies, characterized in detail by Forbes, the casino bonus program is not only aimed at satisfying the interests of the advertiser. It should also maximize the interest of players, allowing them to maximize their benefits. However, it can be extracted only with reasonable and thoughtful use of the bonuses received.

There are several effective ways to use the welcome bonus. The choice of the most suitable one depends on various factors. Firstly, the conditions of wagering and the amount of bonuses is taken into account. The first way is the usual wagering with the subsequent withdrawal. It is relevant for those cases when wager is not more than 25-30x, and the amount of bonus allows you to make a lot of bets.

The next option is to familiarize yourself with the assortment in order to successfully play on money from the main balance. Such use of the bonus is appropriate with a very high wager (40x and more) and a relatively small bonus amount. The third option involves playing only one slot in order to “feed” it with money. In this case, the main goal of the player is not to win, but rather to lose. In this way punter increases the probability of winning after moving from the bonus account to the main account.

When choosing the third tactic, it is recommended to make high bets. If a large winning falls before the money on the bonus balance, the player will have a chance to fulfill the conditions of wager. However, after moving to the main account you should not risk much. The probability of a medium-sized win is much higher than a large sum.

Alternative ways of attraction new casino punters

Bonuses are not the only way casinos use to attract new players. Other marketing techniques are also used to achieve this goal. They are traditional for different areas and industries of business. The final part of our article will talk about the most common methods of this category.

Free videos, and other effective ways

Video advertising works very well at attracting new punters. The most effective is considered to be streaming with big wins in slots. Such videos are widely presented on Youtube. The other effective ways of attraction are mailing, and posts in social networks. However, in recent times, their effectiveness has somewhat decreased due to the tightening of providers’ policies towards the gambling industry.

Thus, to date, the main and most effective way to attract players are bonuses. And they benefit not only the casino, but also the players themselves.


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