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10 Best Discord Music Bots That Still Work In 2024

In the course of this article, we will be looking at the 10 best discord music bots that still work in 2024. Most discord music bots were banned by Youtube, and as of 2024, there are few of them that are still functional. With the aid of a Discord music bot, you can do a ton of things such as gaming, chatting, and listening to your favorite songs.


What Are Discord Music Bots?

Discord is an online platform that helps users to create and manage their private and public communities. With the aid of the Discord music bot, you can text in a group, in-person, play games with friends, and hear free music. Discord users can also make playlists according to their personal choice.

Best Discord Music Bots That Are Working In 2024

Discord Music Bots

1. Mee6

This discord music bot allows the discord user to play music with high-quality audio. This bot cannot only be used for music, but it can also be used for other recreational activities on Discord. The Mee6 discord music bot can be used for auto-moderation, to keep discord servers safe. You can auto-ban, auto-mute, and use other administrative privileges of Mee6 music bot to control your discord community.

2. Fred Boat Discord Music Bot

The best perk of this discord music bot is that it can be used to play music from third-party music streaming platforms. A discord user can use the Fred Boat bot to stream music from Spotify, Youtube, and even Twitch. Also worth noting is that a discord user can also create their own playlist.

3. Hydra Discord Music Bot

Another interesting discord music bot in our listicle is the Hydra music bot. Just like the Mee6 music bot, it is a multipurpose music bot. There are customized administrative functions that can be carried out with the Hydra music bot. It is embedded with a command list and a song request channel.

4. Vexera Music Bot

Another Discord music bot that can be used to do multiple things in addition to audio streaming is the Vexera music bot. There are a ton of commands that can be triggered with Discord with the aid of this music bot. A discord user can skip, start and also stop tunes.


5. Octave Music Bot

The Octave music bot, which used to be previously known as Gnar, can be used to stream audio, from other third-party apps. It does this with efficiency, as you can stream music without any server-issued prompts. Some of the sources of audio with the Octave music bot are; Youtube, SoundCloud, Mixer, Spotify, and so on. In a discord community, you can use this bot to assign different roles to other members.

6. BMO Discord Music Bot

With the aid of this discord music bot, you are set to enjoy the functionalities that any high-level bot can offer. With this bot, a user can play music in the chat room, assign user roles, and also indulge in video streaming. Also worth noting is that the BMB bot offers high-quality streaming from other major sites like; Spotify, Youtube, and Mixer. There are chances that you might get addicted to this Discord music bot if you start using it.

7. Probot

The seventh music bot in our listicle is Probot. With the aid of this Discord music bot, you can enjoy an array of commands and some freedom in moderating audio streaming. It is important to note that the Probot functionality adds an anti-raid feature to its perks.

8. Lofi Radio

Lofi Radio is an interesting discord music bot that can be used to listen to music. This bot is active on your server until you tell it to stop. It provides good audio without lag.

9. JMusisBot

This Discord music bot is user-friendly and can be used to achieve quick song loading and quick playback. It also brings to the table; playlist support and a clean user interface.

10. Chip Bot

To get the best possible music experience, use Chip Bot. This discord music bot offers a wide range of controls for the best experience. In addition, you stand to gain a 24/7 uptime, high-quality audio, and a wide range of controls for your audio streaming experience on Discord.

What Do You Stand To Gain If You Use A Discord Music Bot?

With the aid of Discord music bots, it is easier to create an engaged community by providing a wide range of music, memes, games, and other content to your server. You can use these bots to add music, memes, games, and many other content to your Discord server according to your needs and preferences.


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