Anime to Watch While Stoned

Top 9 Anime to Watch While Stoned

You’ve just collected buds from your high-yield autoflower seeds, and now you’re ready for intoxicated enjoyment. All you need is top stoner anime to go with your blunts.


The surreal silliness of these animated shows pairs surprisingly well with cannabis. Some introduce mind-boggling concepts, and others offer displays of incredible power. Some are simply goofy and giggle-worthy. Whatever you prefer, you’re guaranteed to find it on our list.

1. The Tatami Galaxy

Time travel is hard to wrap your head around when you’re sober. Want to try it while intoxicated? The Tatami Galaxy is your best anime to watch high.

This title is a trippy piece of media packed with time-travel shenanigans and unique visuals. Our nameless protagonist goes back into the past to win the heart of Mrs. Akashi, a quest communicated through an intricate plot. The color design feels like the creator smoked a hallucinogenic joint beforehand.

2. Castlevania

Castlevania is a well-rounded viewing experience. It offers gory violence, family themes, and fiery romance, keeping you at the edge of your seat.

This anime is a dark medieval fantasy. We follow a vampire hunter fighting to save his city from an army of dark creatures. Both sides of the war have seemingly legitimate motivations, lacing the epic combat with deep themes and moral qualms. The vibrant and fluid fight scenes only add to the excitement.

3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

If you’re a fan of anime classics, think of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as the traditional tale but on drugs. It’s the perfect anime to watch high for shonen-loving tokers.

The anime revolves around the Joestars, a family of intergenerational fighters against mysterious forces. The protagonist changes with the timeline, and the narrative introduces themes of varying depth. The art style alternates between epic and goofy, while the soundtrack gets you in the groove.

4. Space Dandy

Rick and Morty fans must see Space Dandy. A hilarious comedy with colorful visuals, it’s a fan favorite among the best anime to watch when high.

The story features Dandy, a well-dressed explorer hunting never-before-explored alien species. He’s in a cutthroat industry, though, so he has to be quick and sharp to succeed. His robot and cat sidekicks add to the charm, and each standalone episode introduces a new world to explore.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

The idea behind That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime makes it an automatic entry on our list of the best anime to watch while high. The show’s silly take on the isekai genre adds to its loveable nature.

The tale is about Mikami Satoru, previously a regular office worker. After a mysterious murder, he reincarnates as a powerful slime in a fantasy world. He decides to gather allies and use his powers to end racism.

6. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo


We can only describe Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo as a flabbergasting genre-bender. It started as a parody of a post-apocalyptic fantasy but soon developed a life of its own.

The namesake character has a magical blonde afro and a stack of loyal buddies. Together, the group fights against the evil Hair Hunters to save the world from baldness. The surreal humor and weird animations become more hysterical after a blunt; the plot gets strangely immersive.

7. Cromartie High School

Described as ‘anime on crack,’ Cromartie High School is the ideal anime to watch while high and looking for laughs. It’ll leave you feeling like you’ve just come down from the trip of your life.

The story revolves around Kamiyama, a regular student in a weird school. Cromartie is a spot for delinquents, who include a gorilla, a robot, and Freddie Mercury. There’s no storyline to follow, just episode after episode of wacky adventures.

8. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill explores a concept you’d only come up with after a blunt. Its animations, fight scenes, and themes are more profound than they first seem.

The story’s set at a fictional Tokyo academy dominated by a fearsome student council. Its members wear uniforms that grant them superhuman abilities, which they use to oppress the school population. Our protagonist is Ryuko, a student standing up to the tyrants while looking for her father’s killer.

9. Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

Ending with something precious, Nichijou: My Ordinary Life is witty, wholesome, and among the best anime to watch stoned. Grab this slice-of-life series when you’re in the mood for chuckles and feel-good vibes.

This title primarily focuses on three childhood friends and their antics. A young genius, a talking cat, and a robot caretaker later enter the picture. The narrative combines the mundane with the absurd next as it explores the trio’s extraordinary lives.

Animate Your High With Anime

The character designs, dialogues, world-building, and art of these stoner anime titles blow your mind even when you’re sober. The action gets all the more captivating once you get high.

Pair a supernatural show with a psychedelic strain, or light up a relaxer and let the comedy carry you away. Either way, you’ll have a blast.

Buy seeds and grow a big batch of buds for endless hours of animated adventures.

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