this is what to do if you Hate Computer Science

This is what to Do if you Realize that You Hate Computer Science

Even if you are passionate about doing a Computer Science degree, you can meet stumbling blocks in your academic paths. In the course of this article, we will elucidate what you need to do when you find out that you hate computer science. Without further ado, let us delve in.


Short Answer

When you realize that you hate computer science, there are two things that you can do; you can either quit or seek motivation to finish the computer science degree.

3 Reasons Why Most Students Hate Computer Science

Reasons people Hate Computer Science

You can’t just hate computer Science courses for no just cause. There are practical reasons backing your intellectual feud with Computer Science. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be looking at some of them.

  1. Writing Code

Writing code is a significant part of doing a Computer Science degree. Coding is not copy-and-paste work. It has a lot to do with brain work, coming up with algorithms, logic, and problem-solving. If you are not comfortable with the intellectual investment associated with coding, you will most likely hate Computer Science.

  1. Hatred For Maths

Students that have hatred or phobia for math will definitely struggle with Computer Science. The study of Computer Science requires calculus, discrete math, and statistics. This implies that all the struggles that are associated with Maths studies will apply to Computer Science.

  1. Stereotype Threat

The media usually portrays a stereotype that people that pursue Computer Science are nerds and socially awkward. This course is perceived to be relegated to males, white or East Asians. Persons who do not fit into these aforementioned stereotypes find no motivation in pursuing a CS degree.

How To Quit A Computer Science Degree

There are lots of valid reasons to quit your Computer Science degree. Especially when you lack the motivation to continue your academic pursuit. Here are practical ways of calling it quits on your CS degree:

  • Talk To Your Friends, Sponsors And Family: The first practical step to take is to notify your friends and family about your plans to quit Computer Science. If you have sponsors outside your friends and family, you should do well to notify them. When you share your motives with a third party, you might get pushback, but also soothing advice from loved ones.
  • Research Your University Deadlines For Quitting A Degree: Most Universities in the US have different policies in place for students applying for a withdrawal from a degree program. Do well to find out the policies put in place for your own institution. Reach out to your academic advisor to determine the best time to drop out of your Computer Science degree.
  • Plan And Arrange Your Moving Out Date: The last step is to plan and arrange the date for moving out. This will depend on whether you are living off campus, or in a campus dorm. Notify your roommates, or landlord, of the date you will be moving out, after successfully quitting your Computer Science degree.

How To Get Motivated To Finish Your Computer Science Degree

If you hate computer science, yet want to motivate yourself to finish the degree, here are a few practical steps to take:

  • Never Be An Academic Lone Wolf: Staying alone does not foster intellectual academic development. You can thrive by using your peers and their accomplishments as an external source of motivation. Most computer scientists work as a team, and starting off on the right foot, is a surefire way to be motivated to finish what you started- your Computer Science degree.
  • Use Conceptual Learning To Learn Programming, Not Memorization: Programming languages are a core part of the academic thread of Computer Science. Learning the concepts of a programming language is a thousand times better than memorizing lines of code. With a conceptual approach to coding, you are equipping yourself to become an independent problem solver in the future.

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