5 Fun Card Games!

Spice Up Your Gatherings With 5 Fun Card Games!

Nothing brings people together quite like a good game of cards. Whether playing with friends and family or taking a break from work, card games are a great way to have some fun and bond with your loved ones. So, if you’re looking for some card game ideas, read on to learn about five of the best card games around!


1. Crazy Eights

This classic game is easy to learn and perfect for two to four players. All you need are two decks of cards (minus the jokers), and the goal is to get rid of all your cards before anyone else does. The first player to do this wins! You can also add special rules, such as making players draw an extra card if they don’t discard the same suit as what was previously played or making them pick up all the cards in the pile if they play an 8.

2. Rummy

This popular game will surely be a hit with the guys (or girls) during game night. It is a game of strategy that mainly appeals to experienced card players looking for a challenge. It can accommodate up to six players per session. All you need is one deck of cards (minus the jokers).

The goal is to be the first player to eliminate all their cards by forming sets or sequences with them. First, each player is dealt 10-13 cards, and then they take turns drawing and discarding until someone goes out, having no more cards left in their hand.

3. Go Fish

Another classic, Go Fish, can be played by up to six players (although it’s commonly played with just two or three). It uses one deck of cards (minus the jokers), and each player gets five cards randomly from that deck at the start of play. The goal is simple — to collect sets of four matching numbers or faces, such as four kings or four 7s. Then, players take turns asking other players for specific numbers/faces. Whoever has those must give them away while trying not to give away any sets they have already collected.


4. Solitaire

If you’re looking for a solo card game, look no further than Solitaire. This timeless favorite requires just one full deck of 52 playing cards (jokers included) plus an empty spot for your foundation set aside from where you deal out. Your playing area should consist of seven columns from left to right, starting with 1 column at left containing 1 card, 2nd column containing 2 cards, 3rd column containing 3 cards, etc., going up till 7th column containing 7 cards each in descending order.

In addition, each column has alternating colors (e.g., Black 6 followed by red 5 followed by black 4, and so on). Your aim? To move all 52 cards up to the foundation arranged in ascending order starting from Ace followed by 2 & so on up to King, all the same suit!

5. Poker

Last but not least, let’s not forget poker! This game is perfect for at least three players but can accommodate up to nine people around a table. Online gamers, especially online blackjack fans, will love the game as it has a simple gameplay and involves some level of strategy in its gameplay.

Poker involves betting rounds, making it exciting and suspenseful when played with friends because there’s always something new happening every turn! You’ll need at least one full deck (plus extras depending on how many people are playing), chips/coins/dice/etc. To make the game flow smoothly, ensure all the participants agree on what type of poker they’re playing before beginning.


There’s nothing like getting together with friends or family over some good old-fashioned card games! From classics such as Crazy Eights & Go Fish to newer favorites like Poker & Solitaire, these five fun card games are surefire ways to liven up any gathering & bring everyone closer together. So brace up for a round of around-the-table laughing, strategizing & intense friendly competition.


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