Preparing to Play Poker

Simple Tips for Preparing to Play Poker

Poker In The World

It is a card game which is included in the gambling section. Poker is played all over the world but most of all in the USA. Looking at the standard rules, all poker players are dealt five cards each. The aim of a player is to put together combinations of 2+ cards of the same value. To start a game, a sequence of 5 cards or 5 cards of the same suit must be dealt. 


To play poker a standard deck of 52 cards is used. Each hand is a separate game with its own pot, stakes and trade. Bets are placed in a single round and the winnings are either split between the two or more players with the highest hand. 

Working out a Winning Strategy

Knowing the rules and strategies is not enough to come out a winner. It is necessary to have a plan of action, which will make you mysterious to your players. It is important that they cannot understand your intentions. 

Keep Your critique or advice to Yourself

Even after an unbelievable bad bat you need to find the strength to hold your anger against your opponent. More precisely – you won’t need to hold anything back if you realise that your opponent has done you a huge favour.

For example, if you have aces and he has any ace and a king or queen, then your chances of winning are at least 80%. Losing means that the next 80% of games, when your opponent decides to do likewise, he will have already lost big time. The only thing you can and should be worried about is being at the same table with him at the time.

When you don’t speak or comment, there’s a good chance that the same situation will happen again in the future. So give your opponents the chance to make mistakes again and again!

Bet only with strong cards, and discard weak hands

They call this one the basic strategy, because it’s been proven to work for years (especially at micro-limits).

At the lowest stakes tables, there’s no need to think up tricky lines or traps. Even with a strong hand and a big bet, you’ll find plenty of jacks at the table.

So make a simple choice more often: Raise or Fold. Calling is not going to be as effective as it has been proven by numerous studies and the reality of the poker world today.

Be Wary of Raising

Be prepared for the possibility that some players might come in preflop with kings or even aces, regardless of how the preflop hand plays. But if your betting gets called on the flop or the next street, it’s worth considering whether your cards are really the strongest.

Especially when there’s a big raise on the preflop, which is often a monster hand. Before you call or raise, analyse your pot odds and win probabilities.

Try to read your opponent’s cards as well. It’s a good idea if you can afford to use software that shows detailed poker statistics.

You should also know that often entry-level players try to see the flop as cheaply as possible and only then start acting accordingly. So aggression on any street is probably a very strong hand.

Keep Bluffs to a Minimum

The reason is simple: it makes very little sense to bluff because of copying bets of almost any size on the preflop and even subsequent streets with hands-drops or overcards.


Remember the basic strategy: only bet with strong cards and discard weak ones.

“Reading” a bluff, if you choose to do so, usually ends up losing big banks. So don’t think everyone around you is cheating, just the opposite – more often than not, aggressive players have good cards.

Don’t put too much emphasis on building your image at the table

That’s not a priority right now; the main thing is to win as much as you can and lose as little as possible. Drawing only premium cards can go unnoticed by other players at the table for a long time. After all, most of the time they only think and evaluate the strength of their hands and pay no attention to the play of other competitors.

Just try playing a wider or smaller range of starting hands for a while. No one will notice, but you’ll have a huge advantage in your hands: you’ll add a surprise effect to your game.

Such actions are very effective, and in the near future can lead to increased profits. The main thing is not to make more mistakes than usual, because that would leave little value in your efforts.

In short, focus on playing solid ABC poker and make sure you progress to the higher limit tables as well.

Tips From an Experienced Player 

Phil Hellmuth, the poker guru, once gave some advice to novice players that can still be applied today with success:

  • Make well-balanced choices in every situation – that’s what solid players do;
  • Take note of your opponents’ style of play, so that you can use this knowledge later on. For example, some people will mostly flop on a raid, while others always say check with nates in hand. Take notes or mark your opponents in other ways, whichever you feel more comfortable with;
  • The key to the game is to be patient, as simple and easy as that may sound. Try to maintain maximum concentration in all game conditions. This will give you a serious trump card in the long run;
  • Remember that you should only check-raise when you are sure of the bet behind you. If no one bets, you are missing an opportunity to make up the pot. In the meantime, your opponents may be getting the right card to an undrawn combination. When in doubt with a strong hand, always bet – it will be more profitable in the long run.

All of the above are just tips that should be well remembered to start with. While playing all the time, try to analyse what the basic poker strategy would advise in a given situation.

By losing the minimum with bad hands and getting the maximum with good ones, you can beat the micro-limits and move on – to higher stakes, serious opponents, but also big winnings!

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