Shae Loya and Aim

Zelda- Shae Loya and Aim For the Moment Trial Solution in Breath of the Wild

In the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild action adventure-based game, Shae Loya is one of the shrines that is located all across the game map of Zelda. There is an in-game puzzle that is known as “Aim for the moment trial”. It is an interesting challenge that allows the gamer to use Stasis to freeze objects and then shoot them with arrows. When you get the shooting right, you would then walk out of the shrine a success.


In the course of this article, we would take you through a practical guide on how to complete the Shae Loya Aim for the moment trial puzzle. Without further Mouthing, let us delve in.

How to find the Shae Loya shrine

Shae Loya Shrine is situated in the Ridgeland region, and specifically in the southern part of Tabantha Bridge Stable. To reach it, take a paraglider south-west starting from Ridgeland Tower and follow the road to the west, heading towards the canyon.


The shrine is at the top of a ledge, just below the stable just out of the eyeline. It’s located directly to the south however, and isn’t too far away which means it’s easily found. It is also possible to get there by taking a south-easterly route to Tabantha Tower and crossing the Tabantha Bridge across the canyon and this will be more accessible.

There’s nothing to be solved this time to get to the temple, so just go in whenever you’re ready.

Shae Loya and Aim for the Moment trial solution Guide

Shae Loya shrine Shae Loya shrine can be described as a small but sweet shrine, which focuses on your ability to shoot an accurate Stasis and making arrow shots that is well-targeted. When you enter, you’ll notice an orb that is bouncing before you, and a chest sitting on an elevated wooden platform to the left.

  • The first task will be to stop the object when it’s up in the air by using Stasis Then, shoot it with a few arrows prior to it moving once more. This will cause it to veer off course and cause it to drop into the socket below.
  • The socket will then activate the same pressure plate at the opening and will be able to pop Link into the air as he stands on the plate. Then, when you are thrown up to the top it will paraglide forwards, landing the area where the orb was, and then open the first chest that is there and find the Topaz.
  • Look to the right when you approach the main entrance. You’ll be able to see the wooden platform which is holding another chest. The two ropes can be shot with an arrow for each to knock it down. Alternatively, you could shoot it using a single fire bow to torch it and get the Falcon Bow.
  • You must now return to the newly activated jump pad near the entrance, and then stand on it once more. The second time, you should turn to the left, then look across the opposite wall from the wooden ledge and you’ll find an orange crystal tucked into the ledge. It is necessary to shoot the crystal with a different bow. This will raise the gate that is below it and let you into exit.

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