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All Roblox RoCitizens Codes 2024

There are lots of Roblox games that you can binge-play. One game that sets itself apart with its in-game mechanics is Roblox RoCitizens. You can go as far as building the house of your dreams, own a car, and indulge in other adventures.


One of the best ways to up your Roblox RoCitizens game time is to use the codes to get exclusive rewards. With the providence of these codes, you are set to get the all-important in-game cash. With this cash, you can buy cool items to boost your RoCitizens game time. Also worth noting is that a gamer can interact with other players in the gaming world.

Active Roblox RoCitizens Codes

These RoCitizen codes are case sensitive and should be keyed in the way it is. If not, you will encounter errors in the RoCitizens game.

Here are active Roblox RoCitizens codes that you can use to boost your game time:

  • partytime– when you redeem this code, you are set for $1k cash.
  • partypooer– A gamer can redeem this code and get Bathroom Boutiques Toilet Plunger.
  • discordance– This code can be used by a gamer to redeem a discord trophy and $3500.
  • goodneigbour– When you redeem this code, you are set to enjoy $2500 and a trophy.
  • truefriend– This code can be used to get a Pet Rock and $4000.
  • SweetTweets– With the aid of this case-sensitive Roblox RoCitizens code, you are set to get a Twitter Trophy and  $2500.
  • rosebud– This code can be used to redeem $3000.
  • code– This code can be used to redeem $10.
  • easteregg– This code can use to redeem $1,337.

List Of Roblox RoCitizens Codes That Have Expired 

Here are codes that a gamer cannot redeem because they are expired:

  • xmasbonus
  • Bugarenannoying
  • 500million
  • 20valentine
  • xmas19
  • headlesscodeman
  • rocitizen6th
  • valentine
  • cantthinkofcodenames
  • supdatember
  • allthemoola
  • ggpd
  • rainyday
  • ilovefirebrand1
  • canigetahottub
  • cornerpocket
  • ihaveafish
  • alittlesomething
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty
  • Gimemegimmegimme
  • youwishyouhadafish

How to Redeem Roblox RoCitizens Codes

It is one thing to get your hands on RoCitizens codes; it is another thing to be able to use them. Here is a practical guide on how to redeem your Roblox RoCitizens code:

  • Click on the green icon that is located at the left of the user interface that looks like a shop.
  • Go on to click on the blue Twitter icon button.
  • Copy any of the active codes that were elucidated in our article, and paste it into the area that indicates: “Enter Code”.
  • Click o the enter key, so that you will get a reward.

How to Get More Roblox RoCitizens Codes

There are two ways to get more codes for use in the RoCitizens game. Either you bookmark this blog post, as we will be updating regularly with the latest post. Or you follow the developers of the game on the Social media handles. The Developers of this Roblox game drop codes occasionally in their RoCitizens Community Discord Server and on Twitter.


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