All 10 Phasmophobia Tarot Cards Effects And Meanings

Phasmophobia is a game that has tarot cards and other five cursed items introduced into it. With a tarot card in the Phasmophobia game, a player can get useful information about the supernatural. Drawing out a tarot card in Phasmophobia can elicit a wide range of results. In the course of this article, we will be looking at All the Phasmophobia tarot card effects and meanings. Without further mouthing, let us dive in.


How to Find Tarot Cards In Phasmophobia

In the gameplay of Phasmophobia, a gamer can find Tarot cards on counters or tables of haunted houses. If you are looking for one, it is best to look for them in kitchen tops, computer tables, and other table tops you can find in your gameplay.

In the game, Tarot cards are one of the six cursed items that spawn (appear) in different locations. In your search for a tarot card, pay attention to any object that is in the size of a mobile phone. Cursed items like the Tarot card can help a gamer to achieve contracts and other in-game objectives that will increase the value of their reward.

All Phasmophobia Tarot Cards Effects and their Meanings 

The deck in Phasmophobia has different cards in it. To be able to experience all the possible outcomes, you will have to play multiple times.

Here is a detailed guide on all the Tarot cards in the Phasmophobia game, and what they represent:

1. Death

This tarot card can be used by a gamer to trigger a cursed hunt. It is important to note that the chance of drawing this tarot card in Phasmophobia is 10%.

2. The Devil

With the aid of this card, a ghost event can be triggered. This card hardly gets used in the Phasmophobia game because the chances of drawing it are 10%.

3. The Fool

The effect of this tarot card is that it mimics the looks of another tarot card. This mimicking takes place as the card burns. While burning it will look like another card before turning into the fool.  Worth noting is that in a hunt, you have a 100% chance of drawing this card. While outside a hunt the chance of drawing The Fool tarot card is 17%.

4. The Hanged Man

The effect of this Phasmophobia tarot card is a terminal one. Whenever this card is drawn, it will kill the gamer. The chances of drawing this tarot card in the Phasmophobia game is 1%.


5. The Hermit

The Hermit is an interesting card whose effect is to teleport the ghost back to its ghost room and trap it for 1 minute. There is a 10% chance of drawing this card.

6. The High Priestess

This card is used to resurrect a random dead teammate near their corpse. It is important to note that in the Phasmophobia game, there is a 2% chance of drawing this card.

7. The Moon

Yet another interesting Phasmophobia card. With it, the sanity can drop to zero. The chances of drawing this card in Phasmophobia are 5%.

8. The Sun

This card is the direct opposite of the Moon Tarot card. It restores sanity to fullness and has a 5% chance of being drawn.

9. The Tower

This Tarot card can be used by a player when drawn to cause a ghost interaction. The chances of a player drawing this card in Phasmophobia are 20%.

10. The Wheel Of Fortune

This Phasmophobia Tarot card is the only card that has a conditional effect. If the card burns green, the player’s character will gain 25% sanity. On the flip side, if the card burns red, the player will lose 25% sanity. Worth noting is that the chances of drawing this card in the game is 20%.

The Best Way To Use Tarot Cards In Phasmophobia 

You should always endeavor to take a picture of the cards before you use them. This is because when all the cards are used, the deck will disappear. Also worth noting is that a card burns up after it has been used. In light of this, always be in the investigation area when drawing a card to trigger an effect. Whenever you are in a hunt, never draw any card. Any card drawn at that time will turn into The Fool.

The rates at which the cards spawn in the Phasmophobia game vary. The deck of cards can be gotten only once. After that, there are no more cards. Another important tip is for players to use their tarot cards with discretion as the effects can affect their ongoing investigation.


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