Pet Simulator X Merch Codes

Pet Simulator X Merch Codes 2024

Pet Simulator X is one of the Roblox games that is gaining a lot of traction because of its interesting gameplay. In the course of this article, we will be looking at Pet Simulator X Merch codes and every other thing that you need to know.


About Pet Simulator X Merch Code

A Pet Simulator X merch code is a unique code that is available to gamers that purchases a real-life “Cat Plush”. This cat can be bought from the Big Games online Store. Every physical Cat Plush comes with a code in its tag. This code however can only be redeemed by one gamer. When you use the code from the physical Cat Plush, the gamer can get the “Huge Cat and Rainbow Hoverboard” in the game. To be updated on the next sales date of Big Games Online Store, you can follow them on their official Twitter account.

What Is The Huge Cat In Pet Simulator X?

As stated earlier, the Huge Cat is a pet that a gamer can only get by purchasing and redeeming codes that are on the Cat Plushie’s tag. This item can be bought from the Big Games Online Store. When you redeem with the Merch code, you will get the Huge Cat inside the game.

Also worth noting is that the Unique Best Friend Enchantment of the Huge Cat allows the gamer to be the strongest pet in your in-game inventory. With the Strength V enchantment, the gamer can also do 100% damage. This implies that if you have a Dark Matter Meebo in a spaceship with a 24B damage, your Huge cat will have a 48B damage.

This is how Pet Simulator X Merch Code looks like

We don’t have a list of Pet Simulator X Merch codes because the codes are personal, and can only be used once, by the gamer that bought the cat plush. However, on the cat’s tag, these are what the Pet Simulator X Merch code looks like:

  • pet-1fa5ef45cc
  • pet-4060e7deb6

To be able to make use of your merch code, you have to type in the codes in the “Redeem for Exclusive Pets”. When you redeem your code from the Plush cat tag, you can get in-game rewards that will boost your Pet Simulator X gameplay.

Gameplay with the Huge Cat In Pet Sim X

 There is a vast array of Pets in the Pet Sim X game. However, the values of these pets change over time. One of the best pets worth playing in Sim X is the Huge Cat. With this pet in Sim X, there are two basic enchantments that a gamer can get:

  • Strength V

This enchantment allows the Huge Cat to deal an additional +100% damage.

  • Best Friend

This enchantment makes the Huge Cat the strongest pet in your Sim X collection.

To be able to enjoy the gameplay of Pet Simulator X, all you need to do is to log in to your Roblox account. Then look for the Pet Simulator X game page. Then go on to press the big play button.

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