Transfer Money From Chase to BOA

How To Transfer Money From Chase to Bank of America Account

A bank transfer simply means the transfer of money out of one bank account to another one. Most of the time, the process of transferring money to your bank has no fuss to it and is much safer than withdrawing and paying in cash.


JPMorgan Chase and co is one of the major players in the financial services industry in the United States of America.  Chase bank is one bank that is renowned for its transparency and accountability. However, one issue that is raised often is the possibility of the transfer of money from Chase Bank into a Bank of America account.

This is why we have taken the pleasure to write this guide on how to transfer money from your chase account to a bank of America account. Without further mouthing, let us delve into this piece.

Procedures Involved in Transferring Money from Chase Bank into Bank of America Account

There are many options that you can explore if you want to transfer money to a bank of America account from Chase. The procedures for making a bank transfer are as follows:

  • Transfers through the telephone:

To accomplish this, all you need to do is to make a phone call to the bank’s phone services.
The customer care representative of Chase Bank is expected to assist you throughout the entire process. In some cases, you will get an audio prompt to key in the sensitive information alongside what you need to do at any point during the process.

  • Online banking procedure for transferring money from chase:

To make this happen, all that the chase customer needs to do is to sign in to the online account and select their payment method. Once you have done this you must be sure to follow the directions that are displayed on the screen. You will then need to input the required information.

  • In-branch bank transfer from chase bank:

In a scenario where there is money in your account you can visit any bank and deposit direct into the account.

How to Transfer Money from Chase to Bank of America

  • There is a way to transfer money from your Chase online app by simply selecting out the transfer money section.
  • The next step would be for the chase customer to input the important information that pertains to the bank of America account you want to transfer to.
  • Always endeavor to perform your transfers before it is 8 PM.
  • It is important for chase customers to note that the transfer would be complete by the next business day.

What Are The Transfer Types You Can Make With Chase?

There are two options available in the event of transferring money through Chase bank. . The first one is a recurrent transfer that involves the scheduling of a repeat wire transfer. The other one is a one-off transfer that you can make a transfer just once.

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