How to Change Quarter Length in NBA 2k21

How to Change Quarter Length in NBA 2k22

One of the most asked questions in the online gaming community is how to change quarter length in NBA 2K 22. So in the course of this article, we will be answering questions. In the year 2022 the game developers released NBA 2K 22, and fans have been making the most of it.
Most game fans have been trying a couple of things in order to test out the game. As a result, the online video game has been getting a lot of reviews from its players. Without further mouthing, let us delve into a practical guide on how to change quarter length in NBA 2K 22.


How to change Quarter Length in NBA 2K22?

One interesting question that players usually ask about the NBA 2K 22 is how to change quarter length in the game. It is important to note that there are so many options that can be exploited in changing the setting of your game. The quarter length in NBA 2K 22 has to do with the amount of time the particular quarter takes. The truth is a lot of players do not know how to change the time frame per quarter in NBA 2K 22.
There are so many reasons why most gamers want to change this time frame.  Some want to change the quarter length in NBA 2K 22 because it is too long, why someone changes it because it is too short.
In a bid to change this quarter length, you need to be able to access the settings menu of the NBA 2K 22 game.  In the settings menu, you would see an option to access the features tab. From then on you will find the option “quarter length” and then change it as you wish.
It is important to note that in real life the time frame of an NBA quarter is 12 minutes. However, the marks have also added the option to be able to change the Quarter timings.
How Long is a quarter length in NBA and is it the only league with 12-minute Quarters?
How to Change Quarter Length in NBA 2k21
In light of this, the WNBA and the NBA are the only leagues in the world that allow four 12 minute quarters in a game. Some leagues such as high school and FIBA make use of four quarters, but each quarter consists of 10 minutes each.
It looks like FIBA would one day lead the NBA and make one-quarter length to be 12 minutes. It is important to note that during the Olympics and the World cup of basketball, it is the 10 minute per the quarter rule that applies. As it is in real life, so does it apply to the quarter length in the NBA game; NBA 2k22.
Imagine if the NBA took 10 minutes per quarter, there would be a huge drop in scoring. This means that there would be 8 minutes less action. It also means that fewer players would be featuring in court. Coaches would also be getting away with playing just 7 or 8 players with star players playing the whole game. Many other games would naturally close too.

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3 things the game developers got right in NBA 2k22

There is a clear distinction between the quality of the NBA2k21 and the NBA 2k22 game. The game devs really deserve some accolades for making the new release of the NBA game enticing. Here are game-worthy improvements that the owners of the franchise made to the game.

The Venice Beach


In what appears to be a coincidence, there are two high-profile release games that are based in Venice Beach. Together with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2K22 also occurs in the glorious sun trap with a view array of courts for a player to play in. You have always been interesting neat things that humans can do in the NBA2k22

The Player Ratings

In the formal version of the NBA 2K 22 video game, some of the player ratings are not as meaningful as they are now. There is a thin line between the ratings of NBA 2K 21 and NBA 2K 22. It will be worth noting that there have been improvements so far in the player ratings. There is also a new point system in the NBA 2K 22. In any given League, it is easy for a player to hit 3-pointers. This now allows gamers to employ strategy in winning games.

WNBA Teams

There are so many classic things that NBA 2K 22 players can play in. in the previous version of the game there were no female NBA teams. In this new release, there has been an improvement so far as their WNBA teams. The EA Sports group had long disputes about this issue and even made it a hot topic of discussion. Of late this future is now available to NBA 2K 22 players.


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