Renewable Energy Usage

How To Better Equip Your Office for Renewable Energy Usage

Transitioning to using renewable energy within the office space can become quite challenging if you are unsure where to begin.


Making your office greener can include several things to make your office carbon neutral.

Office hours are long, and with the amount of energy required to keep the work flowing, your energy bill might be high. The more energy you use, the higher your business carbon footprint will be.

Are you ready to go carbon neutral? Then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out just how to do that.

Ways to Equip Your Office For Renewable Energy Usage

Here is a list of the many ways you can change your office space when transitioning into using renewable energy.

Install LED Light Bulbs

Changing out your traditional lightbulbs will save energy during office hours. LED lights can save up to 90% of energy and last at least 25 times longer.

Upgrade the office equipment to energy-efficient ones

Changing outdated office equipment to energy-efficient equipment can save energy consumption as this equipment has been designed to use energy efficiently.

Upgrade to everyone using laptops instead of desktops that must be plugged into the wall to work. Laptops have batteries that can be charged when needed and can run effectively without needing to be plugged into the wall first.

Laptops are also designed to be energy-efficient, so they require less energy to work optimally.

The appliances in your kitchen area can also be upgraded to more energy-efficient ones. To ensure these appliances save on energy usage, ensure enough water is needed in the kettle when boiling, not to reheat water unnecessarily.

Ensure that the fridge is closed properly at all times to avoid air escaping and unplug appliances that are not in use from the wall socket, as well as switch the socket off to avoid unused electricity running through the socket.

Install a programmable thermostat

Having a thermostat that can be programmed will make it easier to control how much energy is used when it is in use.

Setting the office temperature is important to avoid upping the temperature to heat or cooling the office.

Using natural lighting and cooling systems can also help your workplace save on energy and incorporate the use of renewable energy sources.

Allowing natural sunlight to enter the office by opening blinds and curtains and allowing the cool breeze to cool down a too-hot space can work as efficiently as turning up the air conditioner or the heater.

The transition from paper to digital technology

Changing from using paper in the office to using digital technology will make your office space more carbon-neutral.

Going digital can also save the business money by reducing the need for paper, ink, and printing equipment and improving the office’s efficiency.

To make the transition easier, install software that allows for digital signatures, and you can also store all documents in a cloud, making it easier to find any necessary document.


If it is necessary to have paper within your office. Encourage staff to recycle and reuse to save on costs.

Make sure you seal any leaks inside the office

It can be difficult to regulate the temperature within the office if there are any leaks in the windows and the doors. This can cause a draft which means staff will have to turn up the heat on cold days as they are not feeling warm enough.

Ensuring any leaks are sealed will reduce your energy consumption use and the strain the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will feel from the constant overuse of trying to reach the best temperature for the office.

Insulation can save your office money long-term as these materials prevent air from getting in between any open gaps.

Conduct an Energy Audit for the Office

Conducting an energy audit is one of the best ways to know how much energy your office uses. This will provide you with the necessary data to determine which areas of the office use more energy than they should.

Switch to Renewable Energy Sources

Using wind turbines or installing solar panelling for your office can reduce your carbon footprint and become the main source of your energy supply.

This will also ensure sustainability for your business as these investments are for long-term use.

Encourage Employees to Save Energy

Having your employees on the same page as you when it comes to saving energy is important to ensure that it happens.

You can try some methods to get employees to assist in energy consumption.

  • Set up energy-saving tips around the office as reminders.

If employees tend to forget to switch off lights or unplug their desktops, these little reminders can help on extra busy days.

  • Educate them on the benefits of saving energy for themselves and the office.

If people know why and how it benefits them, then implementing it can be easier.

  • Encourage them to implement their own energy-saving ideas.

Asking for employee feedback and ideas can make them feel less instructed by top management.


  • Inform potential candidates for vacant positions of your office’s energy-saving policy. This way, you can hire the right people.

Sharing your energy-saving policy early on can help find people who will be happy to continue this practice in the workplace.

  • Offer rewards and bonus investments for employees who are consistently saving energy.

These tips can help you make your office more energy-efficient if everyone is on board and following the necessary steps to reduce their energy usage.


Finding ways to equip your office to use renewable energy is important for the sustainability of your business.

Following the above-mentioned tips, such as encouraging employees to save energy, getting energy-efficient equipment, conducting an office energy audit, switching to renewable energy sources, insulating leaks, upgrading lighting systems, going digital and installing a programmable thermostat are all easy ways to reduce energy use and release of harmful carbon emissions.

You can find newer ways to use renewable energy by constantly monitoring your office energy use.

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