Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay in 2024? Here is a Short Answer

Popeyes is one of the biggest Fast-Food brands in the US. Given that they are a big-name brand, they will likely use a popular payment gateway (Apple Pay) in its stores and restaurants. In the course of this article, we will be answering one of the most asked questions by Popeyes customers: “does Popeyes take Apple Pay?”.


Why Is Popeyes A Popular Fast Food Brand In The US?

Well, Popeyes is popular because they are known for making fried chicken and biscuits with mouth-watering tastes. They have a signature spice mix that is used in their recipes.

In the USA, Popeyes started as a small eatery, but these days, are a known phenomenon in the fast food industry. No wonder they have over 2600 restaurants littered over Puerto Rico, Columbia, and the USA.

Short Answer

The short answer is Yes! Popeye accepts Apple Pay as a mode of payment across its stores in the US. This entails that you can easily pay for your Popeyes signature chicken and other food items without having to think about carrying cash.

Knowing that Popeyes allows Apple Pay is one thing, and knowing how to use it in their restaurants is another. Read on to learn how to use Apple Pay at Popeyes alongside other interesting information.


Guide On How To Use Apple Pay To Make Payments At Popeyes

Apple Pay can be used to pay for food at Popeyes online and in-restaurant. Follow the steps elucidated below to learn how to use Apple Pay to pay for your food at Popeyes:

The first practical step is to confirm from the cashier that Popeyes accepts Apple Pay.

  • Launch the Apple Pay app on your iPhone
  • Log into your Apple Pay account with either password, Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Proceed to select the payment card you wish to use to make the payment. It is from this card that you will be charged for your Popeyes food order.
  • Take the Apple Pay app towards the cashier point and hold your iPhone over the scanner until your phone screen shows a green checkmark.
  • Proceed to confirm the payment for your Popeyes food and it is done.

How To Use Apple Pay On Popeyes Website

Another exciting thing about the Apple Pay payment method is that it can be used on Popeye’s website. Here is a stepwise guide on how you can use Apple Pay at a Popeyes website:

  • Proceed to install Apple Pay on your Mac device, or install it on your smartphone.
  • Now head to the Popeyes website and choose the food items you wish to purchase.
  • On the Popeyes website, proceed to choose Apple Pay as your preferred payment method.
  • Complete the process for verification and follow the next on-screen prompt to completion.
  • You will be notified that your purchase was succesful.

How To Make Payments At Popeyes With Your Apple Watch

Just as you can use your Apple iPhone to make payments, you can also use your Apple Watch to pay for your food at Popeyes. Apple Watch is a tangible option for making payments with Apple Pay if you forget your iPhone device. Here are practical steps to follow if you wish to use Apple Watch to pay for food at Popeyes:

  • First off proceed to the cashier at the Popeyes restaurant and ask if the Apple Pay payment method is available
  • Double-tap the side of the Watch to launch the Apple Pay application
  • Head to the payment terminal and put the Apple Watch near the NFC reader until you hear a beep and buzz sound.

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