Destiny 2 Blind Well

Destiny 2 Blind Well 2024 Guide, How to Start and Complete the Challenge

Here we are with a complete guide on destiny 2 blind well chalenge. Forsaken offers high-level players an end-game activity that is both challenging and rewarding. Figuring out how to complete blind well in destiny 2, whether it’s a Tier 1, 2, or 3, can be difficult, especially for players unfamiliar with the various mechanics at play.


What are the blind wells?

The Blind Well is an instance in Destiny 2, where players encounter one large survivor in the game. As the player’s stats go up, so do the difficulties. These challenges vary from rung to rung, but they’re all fairly straightforward. For starters, your class gets some assistance in The Blind Well.

The Grimoire has been replaced with a set of blue scrolls, which provide different buffs depending on the class and perk level, which players must acquire throughout the course of the activity. You also have a few broad goals to keep in mind. The more kills you complete, the more trophies you will be awarded with, which all add up to unlock level increases for the current rung of the event.

How to activate the blind well in Destiny 2

Blind Well initiates with one of the several summoning waves. Once one is active, it can spawn anywhere on the map. To open the way to a blind well, players must be invited by the leader. Once a player is invited to the Blind Well, they will go on a guided blind well tour. The tour goes in the order shown in the above image.

However, players will occasionally get stuck on the Roadmap. They can trigger a red switch by either pressing V to access the Guide mode in the campaign or by using the “tactics” button on the D-Pad. The guide’s only use is to give more information on which switches to press. Once the guide is in the Guide mode, it will lead you to several of the most important aspects of the Blind Well.

Destiny 2 blind well location

The Blind Well in the Vault of Glass is a rather well-hidden area that’s easy to miss. It can be found on the right side of the gallery, near the painting on the wall. Just when you think it’s gone, there it is. Once in the Blind Well area, simply follow the signs and head down the first shaft. Blind Well challenges are a special kind of activity for the Blind Well that requires you to follow the instructions to a tee.

In this guide, we’ll look at what challenges are available, how to complete them, and which rewards you can earn for finishing them. The Blind Well challenges have four stages to them, so you’ll want to complete the challenges in that order. First stage includes moving through the previous stage, and then doing it in reverse order, right to left.

How to Complete a Tier one Blind Well

There are two different locations that you can fight in Blind Well in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The first is in the Escalation Protocol boss fight, which is located at the Inner Circle. Killing it first gives you the tier one weapon, the Siphon Cannons. To access the Inner Circle, go to the Prison of Elders, and speak with Violet.


Follow the hallway until you reach the aforementioned boss fight, then once again reach Violet and follow the hallway to a hub area. From here, all you have to do is kill the bosses until all three tiers of Blind Well weapons are depleted. How to complete a tier two blind well The second location that you can fight in Blind Well is in the Raid itself, where the Murk Reef boss is.

How to Complete a tier 2 Blind Well

To complete a Blind Well challenge, the player must complete a puzzle in four matches. Solving this puzzle is somewhat straightforward, as it revolves around dropping a goldfish at the intersection of all four walls. The goldfish must enter all four walls before destroying one, and the player must do this to complete the challenge. First, the player must drop a goldfish in the water and on the intersecting wall in any corner.

There are four different goldfish drops, and the player can place them anywhere. Once a goldfish is dropped, it can be immediately destroyed by a meteor strike, which will remove it from play. Next, the player must drop a bomb in the opposite corner. The bomb must also be dropped in the opposite corner before destroying the third wall.

How to Complete a Tier 3 Blind Well

To begin with, you will need a Vanguard (a level 40 character) or higher. You will also need a Titan to use Sentinel, which you will earn through leveling up Vanguard. Follow the steps below for a Tier 3 Blind Well map completion.

  • You will need to meet the requirements for the Blind Well to drop for you to play. For players in Destiny 2: Forsaken, completing a Blind Well will reward them with a Legendary engram that contains a unique Legendary enemy.
  • You will also need three Crucible kills with the Defender assault rifle to complete the Blind Well’s victory tasks.
  • In order to complete the Blind Well maps, you will need at least 500 Light, which will probably be easy to earn if you have played at least 25 rounds of Crucible.

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Destiny 2 blind well rewards

Many players have had difficulty completing this blind well challenge in the past, but the hard work of others will hopefully help ease the pain of others, as Bungie officially offers an in-game guide on how to complete the challenge.

Here is what you need to know in order to complete the Blind Well challenge: If you have a “soft powercore” in your light source, you can jump straight into Blind Well Upon entering the Blind Well, select the top circle and fly into it When you are in the top circle, players will receive a “blind water” buff which gives immunity to all damage for a short period of time.


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