20 Best Business Ideas to Start in 2024 and Make Real Money

Deciding to shift from employee to employer is, in fact, a big step. You have the resources, and the motivation, with only one thing missing: that one good idea.


We’ve got you covered with 20 realistic business ideas that will make your motivation going towards the road of profits.
Starting a business can be done from the comfort of your house and with not much financial investment.

What to consider before starting

Before starting your business journey, here are some factors to consider, such as the finances needed or if you want it to be land or online-based.

Acknowledging a need for a team of people rather than a one-person job would make the business more productive and profitable.

Lastly, besides the business idea, consider the legal matters that will keep your activity going.

You must take lawful steps, check the current local legislation, get in contact with a legal advisor, or go big and work with a legal team.

No matter what you decide to begin, keep in mind that implementing your first business can take time, work, and money.
However, do not get discouraged, but remain motivated while reaching your goals!

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst is in charge of collecting and interpreting some sets of data to solve a company problem. This is important for companies because a proper data analysis can improve the overall business strategies. This activity can be done online, while the investment value depends on the type of certification you decide to have.

Regardless, the fields that are highly requesting data analysts have a background in finances, mathematics, or economics, all of which are profitable.

2. Dropshipping

As a dropshipper, you need to consider buying products of your choice, store them, advertise them, then ship them to your customers.

Dropshipping is generally done through third-party suppliers that will store and ship products on your behalf. Also, sites as Shopify can generate space for such business.

This implies that you will be left with handling marketing, sales, and overall customer relationships.
As for the suppliers, you need to find trustworthy ones to create a professional and productive partnership with.

3. Freelance Writer

If you know you got the skill or are willing to learn it, there are multiple platforms for this type of business. Through them, you shall find customers who need articles or blog posts, besides many other things. You can start this business on Fiverr from low investments, and it can help you build a network of customers.

4. Copywriter

A copywriter creates content with the purpose of making the reader take action on a specific topic or towards a product.
You shall either select to create your platform to offer your services, or you can rely on other websites where you can approach customers. Copywriting gigs might include sales pages, email marketing, landing pages, white papers, in-app messaging, and many others.

5. App Developer

When you start your journey in this field, you use your skills on freelance websites, tech blogs, B2B directories, or even your network. For either iOS or Android, you can get creative with your apps and have the freedom to develop and provide valuable mobile software for people in different fields.

6. Affiliate Marketing

First, decide on a niche, evaluate what the market demands, also don’t forget to analyse the competition. As an affiliate marketer, you will promote products and services for other people and earn through the commissions resulting from their sales.

Kingcasinobonus is an example of casino affiliate marketing that combines the needs of gamblers with tools to use the offers properly. This can be done online, and there is no need for high financial investments. One can achieve it through blogging or other methods of content creation.

7. Design and Sell T-Shirts

This can be part of the dropshipping business or independent from it. Dealing only with advertising, selling and the overall relationship with your customers, you might go for third parties that will design and print a t-shirt model. However, you also have the option of buying or creating your own t-shirt models and printing them using traditional methods or by investing in designated tools. Besides creating fashion on individual demand, the orders can also be represented by merch for other companies or creators looking to bring their communities even closer.


8. Handcrafted Products

When you are a creative and handy person and prefer to make something from scratch, selling handcrafted products can be a booming business. From soaps, candles, pottery, jewellery or even furniture, there are endless options. Once you know what makes you passionate while creating, it will make you enjoy the process and improve your earnings.

9. Investing in vending machines

Investing in vending machines
This one business idea is a little different from what we have discussed so far. Vending machines are yet to have a net increase in profits. The investment goes to the actual vending machines and the partnerships made with the providers of the products.

While investing in vending machines, consider highly frequented spaces and offer products such as consumables.

10. Facebook Ads Consultant

The first thing to consider is getting a certificate in Facebook ads, business manager, and how sales funnels work to improve your skills.

This position is important for potential customers as they can bring more value to their advertising scheme through your set of skills. Even so, you need a set of solid social media knowledge and be prepared for a flexible and ever-changing workflow.

11. SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant is responsible for the implementation and the management of a client’s SEO strategy. To learn about SEO, there are multiple courses! Even the online ones will help you improve critical thinking and skills such as speaking, writing, analytics, or data related. As most websites traffic depends on Google, a Search Engine Optimisation prepared person is highly demanded.

12. Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is creating papers related to journalistic fields, speeches and other types of text that are used and credited to another person.

To start this business, you can apply on freelance websites such as Upwork or create your own network and platform.
And thus, you remain anonymous and free to do other things on the side.

13. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer, a good business idea
Are you an active person and enjoy a good workout? Then gather your skills and knowledge and become a personal trainer with this course. You will have the opportunity to help your customers to improve their lives and also make considerable profits. Besides the knowledge and experience, you might need to decide if you want to conduct training online, in a virtual team, or even both to become a personal trainer.

14. Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, you can now use your talent to create your business. Many websites and other online areas need original designs. There are various gig websites where you can sell your art or promote it on social media. Moreover, something you might want to look into is selling your creations as NFTs.

15. Social Media Management

Suppose you ever scrolled on any social media platform. In that case, you already have a good idea about what this business is about. You will be in charge of the social interaction’s companies have with their customers and the image impact on public spaces.

16. Online Courses

If you have great expertise in a field, become an online teacher. The subjects can go from languages, music, design, writing, programming, or even financial education. The ways to sell your knowledge can be done through social media platforms, designated sites such as Teachable, your own website, or even by creating land-based classes in your town.

17. WordPress Plugin Maker

As an entrepreneur with programming training, you can develop and sell plugins or themes that others can use on their websites. To sell them, consider the platforms that will publish your plugins and allow you to have control over the product.

18. Language Translation

As the online environment is more and more utilised, so is the demand for translation more frequent. Language translation can become a profitable business while you create a productive network through online platforms.
Plus, you can go even more profound than the traditional options and use your knowledge in partnership with software engineers to create language AI.

19. Podcasting

To podcast, you might want to consider a subject that you are passionate about or of high interest for different types of potential listeners or a large group of listeners. The investment shall go into the audio equipment, research and an advertising scheme so you can attract a supporting community. A good way to start your podcasts is by making them accessible on an easy to access platform, such as Spotify. Just make sure to read their guide before uploading your very first podcast.

20. Antique Refurbishment

Antique Refurbishment business idea
If you enjoy physical work and searching for underestimated vintage objects, this business might be for you. You shall be surprised to learn that more antique enthusiasts like you can quickly become your loyal customers. Selling your work shall be done either on land-based stores and boutiques or by investing in an online store.

Business ideas: a summary

Creating your own business can be challenging work, with a lot of time and finances invested. However, if you decide on the most practical idea for you and your goals, all assets will pay off. Our suggestions are mostly centred around the online environment, as making profits from the comfort of your own house can be seen as maybe the best investment in your entrepreneurship journey.


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