Best TV Series for English Learners

7 Best TV Series for English Learners

Millions of people want to learn English because it is an international language, which is used in merely all countries of the world. When you come to a different country, and you do not know the local language, English will help you to establish the necessary communication. This and many other reasons make people want to master this marvelous language. How to do that fast and properly? There are many ways to do that, and one of them will be highlighted in this article.
Lauren Bradshaw, an academic writing expert at, knows a lot about learning languages. She has learned several foreign languages, and she also helps foreigners to master English by offering special courses. Here is a direct quote about this vital matter: “If you want to learn English fast, you ought to listen to native speakers. In case you are deprived of the possibility of meeting them in person, watch English-speaking TV series. It is a great combo of learning the language and having fun from watching your favorite TV shows”. This informative article highlights 7 amazing TV series that help you learn English quite fast.


1. Peppa Pig

If you have basic skills in English, Peppa Pig will be perfect for you. It is one of the most popular TV series in Great Britain and the world. Its plot is quite simple. You are to follow the adventures of Peppa Pig and her friends. It is an animated cartoon, which uses quite simple words that are easy to understand. The events that follow explain all the stuff a foreigner may not understand. There are 7 seasons and each series teaches you something new and useful.

2. Friends

This is probably the most famous American sitcom in the world. It was broadcast in merely all countries of the world and translated into multiple languages. It may be the time when you should review your favorite series in the original. The vocabulary is relatively simple, and you may always use subtitles to clarify some uncertainties.

3. Stranger Things

One of the best and most successful creations of Netflix is a TV show called Stranger Things. It is a very popular science-fiction series, which is focused on mysteries and scary things. It steps out of the crowd because the main heroes are teenagers, and they deal with adult issues. The vocabulary of this series is not that hard to understand. Besides, it provides you with modern words and phrases, which are perfect for beginners in learning English.

4. The Good Place

This is another great TV show for people who intend to improve their English. One of the most important peculiarities of this show is the speed of the plot development. It is quite slow, which means a lot to beginners. They may easily follow the development of all things and understand what happens without in-depth knowledge of the language.

5. Misfits

It is one of the most popular TV series in the world. Its plot is very simple but captivating. It is about young people with unique, supernatural powers. They face certain obstacles and try to solve them alone and together.
One of the most interesting and useful peculiarities for English lovers is its cast. It is presented by actors from various parts of Great Britain and even Ireland. Accordingly, watchers and listeners have a rare opportunity to hear different accents and dialects of English British.


6. The Crown

One of the most captivating TV series in the United Kingdom is “The Crown”. It is called the “queen of English”. Why is it so? Well, it is about the history of the royal family and so it uses different shades of gentle British English. You will learn the so-called sophisticated language and will also enrich your active vocabulary in the monarchy and suchlike fields. Besides, it is interesting to see the sequence of events from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth until the present day.

7. Desperate Housewives

Another great TV show with global fame is called Desperate Housewives. It is partially a comedy and partially an adult series. It focuses on things, which really matter. However, they are frequently shown via funny situations. The cast is marvelous, and American English will teach you a lot.

Tips for Using TV series to Learn English

At times, people make mistakes watching TV series in the original. We will highlight them to make sure you will not repeat them and thus will enhance the effectiveness of reviewing them. Make allowances for the next tips:

  • Choose shows with pretty brief episodes. It helps to avoid overloading with new words.
  • It is crucial to watch TV shows with English subtitles. Many people use subtitles in their own language and thus lower the effectiveness of learning English. They do not think in English.
  • You should try not to pause when you do not know some words, trying to look them up in the vocabulary. It does not allow enjoying the plot and does not let you guess the meaning of those words in real-time.

More Tips to Learn English

We also want to provide a few more tips. They are not related to learning English via watching TV. They focus on other methods. These are as follows:

  • Read in the original. You should read the original English books. Take notes of interesting phrases and write down all unknown words to learn their meaning. Try to use the new words in daily speech and writing.
  • Speak with native speakers. Try to find native speakers because they will help to boost your English knowledge many times. If you are in your native land with no native speakers, try to join some video chats and communicate with them on the Internet.
  • Pass courses. Join special English courses offline or online to master the language faster. There are great crowds of them, and so your choice is unlimited. Study possible options to find a perfect language course for you.
  • Write essays. Try to write essays in English, covering various topics. If you intend to study in an English-speaking country, you will definitely write heaps of essays. Therefore, start practicing them beforehand. It is also vital to find an experienced editor who will check your essays to provide critical feedback.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is possible to combine learning and entertainment by watching TV. If you are interested in learning English fast, watching English-speaking TV series is one of the best ways. Watch what you like in the original and boost your knowledge of the language quickly and easily.


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