What Next for the Arthurian Legend

10 Years After ‘Merlin’, What Next for the Arthurian Legend?

For centuries, the Arthurian legend has captured hearts and minds again and again. The tales of the Round Table, the Green Knight, Guinevere, Merlin, and the Sword in the Stone have provided ample material for creators of all media, from TV shows to films to games.


These days, die-hard fans of the Arthurian legend might be left wanting. Bar one particular cinematic release – The Green Knight – we haven’t really had a major Arthur-themed production in the decade since the BBC’s acclaimed Merlin series wrapped up. If you’re crying out for content, here are some of our favorite ways to re-live the Arthurian legend that you might not have experienced just yet.


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Our favorite entry for cinematic Arthurian content has got to be last year’s stunning release The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel as Gawain and Alicia Vikander as Lady Bertilak. The haunting, gorgeously shot film brings the epic original poem to life like never before, with director David Lowery managing to perfectly capture the dread, desire, and sheer terror that runs through the original.

If you already caught that one in the cinema, there are plenty of other contenders available for streaming. There’s the classic 1967 blockbuster Camelot, an epic musical that stars Richard Harris as King Arthur himself, belting out tunes as his gilded kingdom crumbles around him.

For something a little more serious, you should watch the 2004 production King Arthur. Clive Owen stars as the titular character in this gritty action film, which attempts to depict a “realistic” Arthurian world with no shortage of white-knuckle violence to boot. If you’re looking for an Arthurian legend with laughs, then Monty Python and the Holy Grail should always be your first port of call, naturally.


For an Arthurian TV series to sink your teeth into if you’ve just finished the final heart-wrenching episode of Merlin, you’re also not short of options.


Our top contender is the 2020 Netflix series Cursed, which has won a spate of accolades and has attracted an intense cult following around the world. The star of this gritty take on Arthurian legend is 13 Reasons Why‘s Katherine Langford, who plays none other than the Lady of the Lake herself.

You can also try the 2011 series Camelot, a dramatic and intensely dark re-telling of that most morbid of Arthurian tales, Le Morte d’Arthur.

Despite only running for one series, this absolutely epic show is about as big-budget as it gets, with some episodes running over two hours apiece and featuring some of the most impressive set designs you will ever lay eyes on. If you’re a true Arthur fan, this show is the one for you.


If you would rather step into the shoes of the motley crew of characters that comprise the legendary tales, then there is no shortage of games that allow you to do exactly that. One stellar option is the open-world RPG Arthurian Legends, which allows you to roam around the wastelands of medieval England re-living the noble quests of Arthur and his squad.

You could also boot up Tainted Grail: Conquest, a gruesome combat game that pits you against all of the most terrifying foes of the Arthurian universe. For something a little different, you can even try out an Arthur-themed online slot gameat some of the best mobile casinos for US players right now.There are several to choose from, including the popular Arthur’s Gold slot at BetMGM and the Arthur Pendragon slot by IGT.

If you’re a die-hard follower of the Arthurian legend, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained. Try out these stellar movies, shows, and games to re-live the iconic tales once more.


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