Review of Kabbage : Kabbage $300 Business Checking Account Bonus Explained

Cabbage is a company in the united states of America that offers financial solutions to small businesses. They offer a very competitive interest rate of 1.10% APY, but the main catch is the $300 bonus that they offer to customers. In the course of this article, we will be doing a general review of the financial services that are offered by Kabbage to their customers. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


What is the Kabbage $300 Bonus all about?

Review of Kabbage
The $300 bonus amount is a bonus offered by Kabbage to people that open new accounts with them. It is important to note that this offer is only available to customers that want to open a business checking account with Kabbage.
The requirements for activating this bonus are that the person opening the account would have to make 5 debit card transactions within a duration of 45 days. The $300 bonus from cabbage would then be deposited into the account of the account owner within 45-90 days of account open date.

Kabbage Checking account and their competitive rates

The cabbage checking account does not only have a $300 bonus for its customers. It also offers a very competitive rate that can keep you as their customer.  Here is a review of some of the advantages of using a Kabbage checking account;
There are no limits to the amount of dollars transferred in ACH Transfers- If you discover an outstanding bank account rate, it is important not to be restricted to $10K or $5K transfers. Amex Savings will let you transfer as much as you need, whether you’re trying to withdraw money from or transfer it to another bank account.
They offer a 1-2 business days ACH transfer speed- with one of the best user interfaces in the industry; you are able to transfer your money into a different account or withdraw funds from a different bank account within one or two days.
There is no loss of interest when you transfer funds- on the day you make your transaction via your high yield savings account website, the money will appear in your Balance at the time of your Balance and start earning interest for the kabbage checking customer.

Learn more about the free checking account that Kabbage offers  

Checking accounts that are free seem to be gaining popularity in recent times. And the major reason for this is that people are aware regarding their expenditure habits. It’s absolutely free! What is a better way to save money than to use a Kabbage business checking account?
Small businesses are no exception in this regard; they are always seeking ways to cut costs.

Understanding what free business checking account is about

When we hear free, we are thinking absolutely nothing to pay for, and no currency exchange, right? Who doesn’t want free stuff? When it comes to free checking, are there a few absolutely free checking accounts that are free out there?
In general, brick-and-mortar banks offer a “free checking account” to draw new customers into signing up to their bank. The drawback is that banks need to make money and in order to do this they have to charge charges to the features of the bank accounts. The banks typically attach charges to:

  • ATM transactions
  • Minimum balance limits
  • Check transaction limits
  • Insufficient funds or an overdraft
  • ACH transactions that exceed a particular quantity
  • And even direct deposits

Although banks often claim to provide free checks, extra costs associated with the features mentioned above make having a checking account not truly free as claimed. Today, only a handful of banks in the united states of America provide their customers with free checking.

Where are the real free checking accounts that are available to businesses?

Internet and digital banking are now an increasingly popular option for small businesses. Kabbage Checking is a prime example of completely free checking service. If you are looking for a bank to establish an account for a checking account, it is common to search for features that can meet your needs as a business. Kabbage Checking offers the following services that are better than what other banks have to offer.

  • Access to free ATMs at thousands of ATMs that are in-network across the country. There is no need to be concerned about being unable to access your money.
  • Online invoice pay, that allows Kabbage checking account customers to set up their own payment vendors, arrange their bills, and pay straight from their bank account.
  • They offer a virtual debit card for temporary use. Once you open the Kabbage Checking account, you will have immediate access to your money. You don’t have to wait for the debit card or depend on checks. You’re given a temporary debit card number that you can use for paying bills online and to make online purchases until the debit card arrives. After your credit card is activated, the virtual debit number will be deactivated.
  • They offer Reserves, which are sub-accounts that can be used by the customer to manage your cash for specific savings objectives. It is important to note that account holders can have five up to five Reserves for controlling their cash flows.
  • Also, the kabbage customer would enjoy 25/7 access to their checking account.
  • Also worth noting is that there are no monthly charges for Kabbage checking account customers.

Using one interesting feature of a Kabbage Business Checking account to pay vendors (Kabbage ACH)

A very common transaction small entrepreneurs make is to pay vendors’ bills. In reality, how entrepreneurs handle this process could have a huge influence on their cash flow.
ACH can be an abbreviation for Automated Clearing House, which is a network that transfers funds digitally from bank and bank to bank.
Kabbage Checking allows you to pay your vendor invoices using an easy-to-use and secure user interface. All you need to do is enter the information of your vendor once to streamline your payments and remove the necessity to manage multiple logins.

What if you want to Switch your Checking Business Account at Kabbage?  


It is important to note that the daily demands of a small business can become exhausting. So much so that it would be hard to prioritize less immediate needs like selecting the best bank for your business.
All in all, finding a good checking account can be a good option for you.

How to switch to Kabbage Business Checking Account

Are you unsure of how to change your business bank accounts? Here are five simple steps:

1. Find the business checking account that meets your requirements.

Are you looking for an account that has simple mobile access, or the capability to make cash deposits? Examining the account features that will be most advantageous for you and your company will assist you in making the best choice.

2. Keep a record of all your bills and payments.

In order to make your transition as easy as possible, it is important to ensure that you don’t let any of your payments slip between the cracks. You should consider making an inventory of each regular bill that’s paid by your current business checking account to create the same payment once the new account is established. You’ll be grateful you did this as it will guarantee that your payments are made on time. it will also ensure that your accounts with your suppliers and vendors are current.

3. Apply for your new checking account

Certain business checking accounts like Kabbage Checking accounts are a good option because they allow you to open accounts in just less than a minute. You must be prepared to fill in details like your name, your contact details, as well as a few other essential details about your business.
It is recommended to allow yourself enough time to notify your current bank of the account end date. ACH transfers generally require a couple of days to be cleared; therefore you’ll need to give yourself enough time.
Be aware of important dates for payments when you transfer funds to ensure that any outstanding or pending invoices are paid on your business checking account before you transfer to the new account.

4. Transfer your money, make changes to your bill payment, and begin using your account. account.

When your funds are transferred to your new account, you should make a note of the newly created account number. the customer must ensure that they update their bill payments on a regular basis so they’re transferred to the right account. If you have an account like Kabbage Checking, it can house all the information about your vendors on its secure platform to ensure that you don’t need multiple logins to pay your bills.

How to add funds to the account of your Kabbage Checking account

For making bank transfers, start by choosing “Transfer money” on the Overview screen.
Then, follow the steps provided. You may also visit your bank’s website from outside and submit your Kabbage Checking account as well as routing number.
To locate your Kabbage Checking account as well as routing number, click “Account details” on the Overview screen.
It is possible to set up an international wire transfer from a different bank account into Kabbage Checking account. You should also be well aware that Kabbage does not charge fees for any wire transfer that is incoming or domestic.

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Here are the instructions on incoming wire transfers to the United States.

To deposit cash Cash deposits can be made at more than 90,000 participating retailers across the country at a cost that can be as high as $4.95. You will see a map showing cash deposit locations that can be found within Kabbage’s mobile app. Note that the maximum you can deposit cash into the same day’s time is $5000. For a reminder, keep the receipt for future documents.
For check deposits Deposit checks by taking a picture with Kabbage’s mobile app. Kabbage mobile app. Begin by choosing “Deposit checks” on the Overview screen, then follow the instructions given. Depositing checks through mobile deposit are usually available on the fifth business day following the deposit date.


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