Real Money Pro review

Real Money Pro Review 2024 And Subscription Cost 

In the course of this article, we would be looking at a complete guide to Real Money Pro, and also elucidate how much it can cost you to acquire their market analysis service. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


Any investor that needs to thrive in the financial market needs to have information. This is why Real Money Pro comes in. They are a platform that offers investors with market coverage, analysis, and investment ideas from top professionals from Wall Street.

Real Money Pro Overview

Real Money Pro subscription

Any trader that wants to get trading ideas in a bid to strategies effectively should make Real Money Pro a must-pick. The Real Money Pro platform hosts over 15 to 20 articles that are published by professional traders.

These contents from Wall Street pros provide traders with insights on opportunities surrounding various market elements. Rest assured, the suggestions provided on the Real Money Pro platform are worthy of its hefty subscription price (which we would address later).

The Real Money Pro platform is more like a “Wall Street” investment education platform that is mostly associated with Jim Cramer. For newbies in the market that don’t know who that is, he is one of the top Stock Market gurus out there.

He is a trader that has a wide profiting trade portfolio. Jim Crammer carved a niche for himself on Wall Street with his stock analyses and TV programs on CNBC.

That been established, the Real Money Pro platform is more than Jim Crammer himself. He works hand in hand with 25+ other seasoned stock analysts some of which include;

1. Doug Kass

In the financial market of Wall Street, Doug Kass is a trader that was known for short selling. He used to be a notable hedge fund manager.

2. Helen Meisler 

Helen Meisler is a renowned investment banker that had a track record of working with Goldman Sachs and Cowen Co. He has a wide investment portfolio on Wall Street. Helen is one of the top analysis that works in tandem with Jim Crammer on the Real Money Pro platform.

3. Bruce Kamich 


If you are looking for a Wall Street analyst with vast experience, then Bruce Kamich is your go-to guy. He is a technical market analyst that has over 4 decades of experience.

4. Jim Deporre “Rev Shark”

This man is the author of a book that is popular among traders: “Invest Like A Shark”. The book highlights how a deaf guy with no job and limited capital made a fortune while investing in the stock market.

Why You Should Opt For Real Money Pro As A Trader?

If you ventured into trading on your own, and did not get any success, or were confused along the line, then you need market analysis. Not just any analysis, the best there is. The Real Money pro offers wanna-be successful traders with credible news and tangible market information that they can use to make decisions.

They don’t just give information; they also give hands-on commentary that is compiled for the traders by top Wall Street gurus. On a daily basis, a customer of the platform is bound to receive from 15 to 20 in-depth articles.

All the trader needs to do is to pick out articles that appeal to them, study and formulate their own trading strategy. Another capital reason why traders should opt for the Real Money Pro platform is that their commentary is not crowd-sourced or limited to stocks. Their commentary targets opportunities that other competition overlooks.

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Real Money Pro Subscription Cost   

Real Money Pro Subscription Cost

Valuable information has a lot of value attached to it. That being said, the Real Money subscription cost does not come cheap. This is the major downside of the Real Money Pro platform. This is why it may be hard for beginner traders to opt for their service.

The subscription cost of Real Money Pro starts at $800 per year. This is too much of a bargain since they don’t show evidence of profitability, except for their marketing insights.

To compensate for their expensive pricing, they offer users with a trial account that lasts up to 2 weeks.

When you opt for the Real Money Pro platform, three key things you stand to gain are; the commentary of Jim Crammer, the best ideas of Real Money, and the Stock of the day.


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