Little Caesars Payment Methods

4 Little Caesars Payment Methods and How to Use Them

Little Caesars is a popular Pizza restaurant in the USA with a large customer base. A large fandom means they will be making a lot of sales on a daily basis. However, one interesting question is: “what are the payment methods allowed at Little Caesars?” In the course of this article, we will be elucidating on “Little Caesars payment methods guide”.


In the subsequent paragraphs, we will be shedding light on the payment methods used at Little Caesars, and how to use them.

1. Apple Pay

Apple pay is a payment method that is accepted at all the physical locations of the Little Ceasers restaurant. All you need to use Apple Pay at Little Caesars is an iPhone or an Apple Watch. Prior to that, you need to add a payment card that is fully funded. It is from the payment card that you will be debited. When you are done selecting your Pizza from Little Caesars online, select Apple Pay as a payment option. If you’re placing an order in the physical restaurant, head to the cashier and use an NFC-enabled machine to scan your payment.

2. Google Pay 

Google Pay is a payment method that is well-accepted at Little Caesars. This payment method works in tandem with the Apple Pay payment method. Google Pay supports tap-and-go payment functionality, and there are POS machines at Little Caesars that allow for such. After selecting the Pizza you wish to buy, head to the cashier and use your Google Pay app to scan your purchase. It is as simple as “A,B,C”.

3. Samsung Pay 

Another interesting fintech platform that can be used at Little Caesars is Samsung Pay. With Samsung Pay, all you need to do is to select your Pizza, head to the counter and scan your purchase. With Samsung Pay usage, a Little Caesars customer is eligible for cashbacks.


4. Cash 

The most ancient and yet acceptd modus of accepting payment in any store in the US is cash. Little Caesars accept cash as a form of payment for their Pizza products.  All you need to do to use your cash for payment is to head to the counter and hand over the cash!

Payment Methods That Are Not Accepted At Little Caesars

payment methods at Little Caesars

Most popular payment apps in the US did not surprisingly make the cut. One in question is PayPal. Whether it is for offline or online purchase, PayPal cannot be used to place a Pizza order at Little Caesars.

Food Stamps, also known as SNAP or EBT cards are not allowed at Little Caesars. You need to have a debit or credit card, or any of the aforementioned payment apps to be able to buy pizza at Little Caesars.


The Little Ceasers Pizza restaurants accept most of the payment apps in America except for PayPal. Also as elucidated in the blog post, food stamps are not allowed.


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