Withdraw Money from Merrill Edge

How to Withdraw Money from Merrill Edge Account in 4 Steps

Owning a Merrill Edge account for investment purposes is one thing, and being able to withdraw your money from your account is another. In the course of this article, we will be looking at the practical guide on how to withdraw your money from your Merrill Edge account. Without further ado let us delve in.


4 Steps To Withdraw Your Money From Merrill Edge Account

Here are the steps;

Step 1:

To begin, navigate to the Merrill Edge website at www.merrilledge.com and sign in to your account. Next, locate and click on the “Transfer & Pay” tab in the top navigation menu.

Step 2:

Under the “Transfer” section, select the “Transfer Money” option. From there, you can choose the account you wish to transfer money from and the account you want to transfer money to. Then, enter the amount you want to transfer.

Step 3:

You have the option of selecting either a one-time transfer or a recurring transfer. Kindly note that if you choose the latter, select the date you wish the transfer to occur. Make sure to review all details of the transfer to ensure their accuracy.

Step 4:

Finally, click on the “Submit” button to complete the transfer. Keep in mind that the transfer may take a few business days to process depending on the transfer method you choose.

Additionally, if the amount you are withdrawing exceeds $10,000, Merrill Edge may require additional verification steps to comply with federal regulations.

Does Merrill Edge Offer A Flexible Withdrawal Method?


The answer is yes. Merrill Edge provides several different withdrawal methods to cater to each investor’s individual needs. The methods include electronic funds transfer (EFT), check, wire transfer, and automated clearing house (ACH). All of these options are available without any withdrawal fees from Merrill Edge.

Moreover, Merrill Edge also offers a feature called “Flexible Withdrawals,” which allows investors to set up a regular withdrawal schedule, such as monthly or quarterly, and choose the amount they want to withdraw each time. This feature is useful for those who want to receive a steady income from their investment portfolio.

How To Set Up One

Setting up Flexible Withdrawals is straightforward. Just log in to your Merrill Edge account, choose the “Transfer & Pay” tab, and then select “Flexible Withdrawals.” From there, you can establish your withdrawal schedule and select your desired amount.

Merrill Edge Withdrawal Methods

The Merrill Edge withdrawal methods are tailored to meet the individual needs of each investor. These methods include:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): This is the most common withdrawal method, as it allows investors to transfer funds directly from their Merrill Edge account to their bank account. It typically takes 1-3 business days for funds to be transferred using this method.
  2. Check: Investors can also request a check to be mailed to them for the amount of their withdrawal. This method typically takes 5-7 business days to process and receive the check.
  3. Wire transfer: This is a faster method than EFT or check, as it allows investors to transfer funds to their bank account on the same day. However, it typically involves higher fees than the other two methods.
  4. ACH (Automated Clearing House): This method is similar to EFT, but it may take longer to process and receive the funds. It typically takes 3-5 business days for the funds to be transferred using ACH.

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Can You Transfer Your Money To Another Merrill Edge Account?

Yes, you can transfer money between two Merrill Edge accounts by using an “Account Transfer” process. This means moving funds from one account to another within the same financial institution.

To transfer funds, log in to your Merrill Edge account, go to the “Transfers & Withdrawals” section, and select the option to transfer funds between accounts. Follow the instructions to complete the transfer. Keep in mind that there may be fees for this service, so it’s best to check with Merrill Edge before initiating the transfer.

If you’re transferring money from a tax-advantaged account, such as an IRA, there may be tax implications to consider. To avoid any issues, consult with a financial professional before making any transfers.


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