How to Unfreeze Chase Bank Account

How to Unfreeze Chase Bank Account

In the course of this article, we are going to take you through some practical ways to unfreeze a frozen chase bank account. One of the most frustrating and alarming things that can happen to you is having a frozen chase account. Imagine trying to use your debit card in a grocery store and wanting to get some cash for a night out with your friends: only to find out that you have a frozen account.


There are lots of reasons why you might wind up with a frozen chase bank account. It is important for a chase bank customer to know that each of the reasons for freezing your chase account requires a specific action to unfreeze it.

Sometimes, you might be at home or even overseas, and would need to contact your bank to do the unfreezing for you. And most time, Chase bank would stipulate that you need to call in to verify your identity.

Three major reasons why you account might be frozen

Here are three very popular reasons why your Chase bank account might have been frozen. And in the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at them.

1. Illegal or suspicious activity

It is important for a customer to know that Chase bank has the authority and discretion to freeze your account. And that is on the grounds that you are using your chase account for illegal activities. Since the events of the September 11 terrorist attacks, banking rules have turned out to be even stricter.

That is because before then, a lot of banking was used to run a lot of criminal enterprises. This is why banks in a strict routine, monitor suspicious activity such as money laundering among others.

Another interesting reason why Chase bank would freeze your account is if you write and cash bad checks. Knowingly writing a check on a chase account that does not have enough money because it takes days to clear is fraudulent.

2. Chase can freeze your accounts because of unpaid debts through creditors


If a chase bank customer has any form of unpaid debts, the creditors can contact chase bank to freeze your account. This is a sure-fire way to motivate you to pay your debt. In a case where the account holder has their loan account with chase bank, the lender can then access their bank account and pay the defaulted loans with getting to file a lawsuit or a judgment.

Whenever you opt for a loan from a lender, they mostly make you sign that they can access your bank account even if your default.

What a Chase Bank Customer should do if their Account is Frozen

Dealing with a frozen chase account is pretty simple. All the customer needs to do is to call 1-800-935-9935 if they reside in the United States of America. If they are outside of the country, they should, go on to call 1-713-262-3300. After dialing either of these numbers depending on where they are, they would need to follow the prompts to speak to another operator regarding the unfreezing of their chase account.

It is important to also note that as of May 2019, the fastest way to talk to an agent is to input your debit card and pin numbers or account NAC.

According to chase bank, it is pertinent that you call them first. This is so that they can run a thorough check on your account. Also depending on why the account was frozen, they might need you to come to the branch to pay them a visit to verify your identity.

Chase Bank can also Freeze your Account due to Unpaid Debts to the Governments

There are a lot of chase customers that owe student loans or taxes to the government. The IRS (Internal Revenue service), might wind up issuing a tax levy for taxes that are unpaid for. It is important for the chase customer to note that this levy imposed by the IRS cannot be lifted until the debt is paid in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take Chase to unfreeze account?

All three bureaus usually lift a credit freeze immediately if your request is made via phone or online, but it can take up to one hour. If you decide to lift your freeze by mail, it should be lifted within three business days.


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