Fire in Life is Strange

How to Stop The Fire in Life is Strange

The fire in the Life is Strange game is found in chapter 2 episode 5. In the 5th episode of the game, you would receive a message to go to warren for the pictures.  Then, you would discover Joyce’s bar and the surroundings in total ruins. You would then decide whether or not you would help or just go for the pictures. Let’s see if there is How to Stop The Fire in Life is Strange.
The decisions that the game character makes are taken note of in the journal. The first one is to save the truck driver. Walk up to him and choose the help option. Using the same sequence, do the same for Evan. If you are a witness to the death of Evan or the truck driver, go back in time and warn the character.


This is How to Stop The Fire in Life is Strange

There is a fire in the scene and to stop the fire in life is strange, all you need to do is to activate the sprinklers to put out the fire.
The action would lead to the death of the man imprisoned there, so walk towards the game characters in time. Afterward, talk to him and help the game character to escape. When the man leaves the room, activate the sprinklers again.
Fire in Life is Strange 1
Once you put out the fire in life is strange, go through the window and walk outside the building.

Interesting facts about life is strange

Here are some interesting facts about the life is a strange game

Max has a presence in the game’s story

In the game, Max and Chloe had a falling out, but does not mean that Chloe forgot her. In the first stance of the game, Max used to keep a diary in her possession. This diary was used to keep a record of her strange experiences. These records have used a recap for the players.
Before the storm game stance, Chloe records her adventure by writing letters to Max.

A new game developer is behind the game

Well in the game, Dontnod is not creating the Prequel, the guy behind it is Deck Nine. The previous games of Deck pine include; Pain and Ratchet & clank collection.
This does not imply that Dotnod is completely in the dark on the game project.

Chloe does not have a camera, But something else…


Max used to be a photographer in the game, so you would find go spots to take some cool polaroid photos. In the “before the storm”, you would see special spots and objects for Chloe to tag with graffiti. You would have options with what you can write in the tag.

There are lots of Nods To the Original

The look of the game is very much like Life is strange vein. In the game, music is a major focus as we saw in the rock concert that Chloe attended. Fans in the game would also recognize characters such as drug dealer Frank Bowers and Victoria Chase.
In the game, you would visit places that are memorable such as Chloe’s house and the Blackwell Academy. But the game developer Deck Nine is still creating new locations from the Life is strange game. According to the game developers, the prequel is all about learning how Chloe came to the person we know from the main game.

You’ll choose your own path

Truth is, the game contains stances that make the character make a lot of tough decisions. These decisions would have an impact on your story in the game and Alex’s future. You can also make up your mind on Alex’s style with 24 different outfits to make a choice from.
how to stop Fire in Life is Strange 1
It would be your choice that would help Alex to decide whether she can make Colorado town home for herself.

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You Would Solve a Dark Mystery

When the brother of Alex dies in an accident, Alex sees that there is a bigger story behind what happened to him. And she finds out the truth.
With the psychic power of Alex, she can find out what really happened. This power that Alex possesses is called the power of empathy. With her psychic power, she can uncover the dark secrets that lurk in the small town of Haven Springs.

You’ll Find Friendship – or Possibly Romance

The game character known as Alex would need to build some trust with folk in the town. Alex would also go on to meet two new friends in the life is strange game. These friends are; Ryan and Steph. In the life is strange game, Steph is a local radio DJ while Ryan is a kind-hearted and porky ranger. Whether these friendships in the game mean anything, is entirely up to you.

You’ll Wield the Psychic Power of Empathy

Did you know that game character known as Alex has a long-suppressed curse? This curse is her supernatural ability to manipulate and perceive the emotions of others. All the same, Alex needs to embrace her power, so that she would make the most of it and solve the mystery of Haven Springs.


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