Set up Zelle with M&T Bank

How to Set up Zelle with M&T Bank in few Steps

Setting up Zelle a Zelle account with M&T is easy if you follow the steps that are provided by the system itself. It is not an overly difficult procedure or process, and anyone can do it if they really want to. Here are some quick and simple instructions that will get your account up and running in no time at all.


What is the Zelle Platform all about?

Zelle is a fast and easy payment platform that M&T customers can use to send money to almost anyone that is in possession of a bank account in the United States of America. All that an M&T bank customer needs to make things work is an email address or a USA, mobile phone number. With this, sending money with the Zelle platform can be done without any fuss.

Does M&T Bank use Zelle

Yes, M&T partners with Zelle to offer a unique experience conveniently located in the M&T Mobile Banking app and Online Banking. There is also a separate Zelle mobile app that is not operated or maintained by M&T Bank or any other financial institution.

What happens when you enroll with Zelle on the M&T bank app?


Once you have successfully set up Zelle, you will be able to send money to friends and family members who are using m&t apps. Everyone in the family can join in on the fun, which is something that you will not have to worry about if you did it the old-fashioned way.

All that you need is your own mobile banking account from M&T bank, access to the internet, and a computer or mobile phone that is on. That is it! Now, go ahead and enjoy sending money from one of your M&T mobile bank apps to other accounts in the United States of America.

Here’s How to Set up Zelle with M&T Bank

As stated earlier, it is easy to use the Zelle platform to send or receive money in the USA. With the Zelle platform, it is easy to now make person-to-person payments. M&T which is the largest full-service bank in Delaware launched this service way back in 2018, when they partnered with Zelle, to create a solution for person-to-person payments.

  • The first step to take is to go to the Zelle interface that is hosted on your M&T mobile bank app.
  • Then select the contact of the person that you want to transfer money to that is in your device. Here, you can add the person to Zelle with the email address they own, or their untied states mobile phone number.
  • The next step is to enter the amount that you wish to send on Zelle/ M&T bank with an optional note.
  • The recipient of this money transfer would get the money after a few minutes of you completing the above-elucidated procedure. To be able to receive money, the process is simply a vice-versa of the above-elucidated steps.

How to delete a contact you don’t want to send money to on the Zelle

If you’re already enrolled within Zelle but would like to delete the contact process, please follow the steps below. Be aware that in the event that you receive a subsequent payment from an email address or mobile phone number, or an email that you’ve deleted, you’ll be asked to sign up again prior to receiving the money into the account of your bank account.

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From M&T Online Banking:

  • Go ahead and Select Payments and Transfers > Manage Zelle Settings
  • Select Manage next to the contact method that you would like to remove from the Zelle payment platform
  • Go ahead and Click to remove From Zelle
  • Contacts have been deleted, from the system and the M&T customer will then be redirected again to Zelle settings screen.

From the M&T Mobile App:

  • On the main menu select Send Money using Zelle > Settings
  • Select the contact you’d like to delete
  • Tap Delete
  • Tap delete an email or Delete Text button to confirm that you are ready to delete this contact

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