How to Make a Live Wallpaper on Android

Top 3 Methods Of How to Make a Live Wallpaper on Android and iPhone

This is a complete and simple guide on How to Make a Live Wallpaper. You probably would be looking to make that phone look amazing like your friends own or even better. Well, we are here to offer a simple guide on how to make multiple photos into a live photo, how to make a live wallpaper with multiple pictures, video wallpaper, and how to set live wallpaper.


Here are Top 3 Methods of Making a Live Wallpaper on iPhone and Android;

Method 1:

Make a Live Wallpaper Using ‘Video Live Wallpaper’

This is one of the most used live wallpaper apps for android devices and here are simple steps to configure and make it work perfectly. With this method, we will show you how to make a live wallpaper with multiple pictures.

Step I.

Download the Video Live Wallpaper app from Google PlayStore and install it on your device properly.

Step ii.

Now, open the app from your application menu. Click on “Gallery” then, select any video you would love to set as your wallpaper.

Step iii.

This is where you make your settings. Select any setting you’d love for the wallpaper.

Options include ‘loop the video’; this allows it to play repeatedly. “Play Video Screen” which allows the video to keep playing even while on other applications. “Play Audio” which I think is not really the best as it will drain your battery in no time.

Step iv.

Now that you have completely set up the appearance and behavior of the wallpaper, it is time to launch.
Now, tap on Set Live Wallpaper.

Those are the simple steps to get a live wallpaper running in your android device using the Video Live Wallpaper app.

Live Wallpaper

How to Make a Live Wallpaper

Method 2: Live Wallpaper Maker

The Live Wallpaper Maker is another awesome app you can use in designing great wallpapers for your android phones. Here is how to go about using the device.

Step i: Download and Launch Live Wallpaper Maker App

First thing first is to get the app installed in your device. Once that is done, then, you are set to begin.

Step ii: Start Designing

Simply launch the app and begin your design. There are a series of tools to use and make your design even more attractive and we will explain them all here.

Step iii: Choose Background Image

Click on “Select Photo” to add photo(s) to the background. Select photo(s) you would like for the background, one for a single background, and more for the transition.

Here you can adjust the screen to fit and place the photo wherever fit your design. Moreover, you can change the photo effect by clicking on edit.


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Step ii: Add Text

Select the text icon and write whatever stuff you’d like. Tweak around on the font size, color as well as style to really match what you have in mind.

Step iii: Add Animation

Now click on the “Items” icon on the screen to access several animations that will fit your design. After adding the animation, you can configure the transition speed, position on the screen as well as size.

Step iv: Save and Set Your Live Wallpaper

Now you are done creating the live wallpaper, next is to save and perhaps set if you want to. Click on “Save” at the top left of the screen, then “Ok”.

Now set your wallpaper by going to your device home screen, Exit Live Wallpaper Maker and Long-press the screen to open the Home Screen menu. Click on wallpaper; then Live wallpaper from the menu. Select your preferred wallpaper and click on set wallpaper at the bottom.

Congrats your Live Wallpaper has been created and set via this method.

Method 3: Launch Murtastic

Step i: Download App from Playstore

Download the great live wallpaper on the playstore by locating the app with a letter ‘m’ icon. Click on the “Open” button and you will be shown the app dashboard.

Step ii: Earn Murtastic Points to Unlock Features

The Murtastic Points allows access and buy designs that would be used to add some beautiful animations to your wallpaper design. There on the Murtastic Points is where you will find the number of points you have gathered. However, there are two best methods you can earn points; and here are those.

The first option is to buy 300 points for $1. Clicking on the button will direct you to the checkout page where you select your preferred payment method. Methods include PayPal, Credit/Debit card, etc. Once completed, 300 points will automatically be added to the top screen of your device where you have the point tracker.

The second option is to watch videos and earn points. This method is absolutely free and advisable as I equally did the same. On selecting this method, you just need to spend a few seconds watching a video then click on the x sign at the top right angle to exit. Points will be automatically added to you at the dashboard on each view. Meanwhile, there are times where no videos will appear, then you have to check back afterward.

Step iii.  Download Design Packs

You’ve got the points, so next is to download the design packs as it is what you will use in designing Live Wallpapers. Tap ‘Browse design Packs’ on the Dashboard.

There are numerous names of design packs along with their corresponding prices ranging from free to 100 points stacked in the dashboard to choose from. Meanwhile, theme and design range from autumn-themed, callouts, cute themed, love and nature-themed, etc.

Step iv: Design Wallpaper

First thing, tap on “Create New”. Then create new Icon comes with a T and brush design below it. This is where your design begins. Here you can tweak your design just how you want it. Add text, image, animations, pages, wallpaper, and color, etc. You can equally choose any preferred font that suites your design as well as adjusting text font size.

Click on the finish button at the top right corner of the screen when completed and your live wallpaper is ready. However, what you will have is a preview and if you are satisfied and ready to use immediately – then “Select set wallpaper”.

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