Golden Retriever Lifespan
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Ever wondered how long Golden retriever lives? In this article, I am going to share with you some useful information about Golden retriever lifespan and Golden retriever life expectancy.

You may not want face the fact that you will have to say goodly to your dogs for too soon, and as such, losing your pet is one of the saddest moment.

This is why most Golden retrievers owner usually ask the questions:

  • How long do Golden retriever live?
  • What is the average lifespan of Golden retriever?
  • What is Golden retriever life expecting?
  • What does Golden Retriever die from?

We are going to deeply answer these questions in the article, but first let’s take a look at Golden retriever breed of dog.

Golden Retrievers are incredible dogs that as very friendly and loyal and have a good sense of humor. These qualities make them great family dogs.

Golden Retriever are popular dogs. They are the third most popular breeds of dog after Labrador Retriever, according to American kannel club.

Most families consider adding Golden Retriever to their family. However, if you are thinking of adopting a Golden Retriever or probably you have one, one of the most importantly you should consider their lifespan.

How long do Golden Retrievers live? – Golden Retriever life span

Golden Retriever lifespan is between 10 to 12 years which is quite similar to that of other breeds to dogs. In the olden days, Golden Retriever usually lived for about 16 to 17 years.

Over the years, scientists are baffled with lots of research, to find out why Golden Retriever die sooner than they used to decades ago.

They have come up with results, taking into account environmental factors, genetics, and several health problems as the major factors that impact average Golden Retriever’s lifespan.

What Do Golden Retrievers Die From?

One particular disease that seems to affect majority of Golden Retrievers is Cancer. According to the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever lifetime study, cancer is the major cause of death of about 61% of Golden Retriever. Heart problems also haunts Golden retrievers.

Cancer In Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever die from cancer more than any other breeds of dog. The major form of cancer that affect Golden Retriever are bone cancer, lymphoma and blood cancer.

According to a veterinary oncologist, Dr Cheryl London, in an interview with Bostom 25 News, the reason Golden Retriever dogs are more susceptible to certain cancers may have something to do with how the dogs are bred.

For a period of time, there was a lot of interbreeding to create the golden retriever and all the other breeds”, when you do that you create issues in the gens that predispose you to a variety of different things and one of them as cancer” she added.

Dr. London further said that Golden Retriever typically develop four types of cancer: hemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma, hymphoma and mast celltumus.

The incidence of cancer begins to rise at six years of age and peaks at 10 to 12 then start to fall off” London said.

Cancer in Golden Retrieve dogs can be treated sometimes with good results. This can be done through surgical removal of tumor if the tumor is a removable one, but if it is not  removable, other treatment option can be offered to the dog.

The time length for Golden retriever to live with cancer is about two months. If left untreated, however, with proper treatment and chemotherapy, the dog can live up to twelve  months extra.

Golden Retriever Lifespan
Golden Retriever Lifespan

Other Factors That Affect How Long Golden Retrievers Live.

Apart from cancer, Golden Retriever suffer from other health conditions, mostly health related issues.

Here are some of the golden retriever health problems:

  • hypothyroidism
  • Hip and Elbow dysplasia
  • Sub-aortic stenosis (SAS)
  • Eye disorder
  • Seizures
  • Skin problems.

Although these conditions do not case the death of dogs, but they reduce Golden retriever lifespan.

How Can You Make Your Golden Retriever Live Longer?

There are certain actions you can take to extend your Golden Retriever’s lifespan and bring their health to the highest level to fight against DNA weakness.

Spray and Neuter

Spraying and Neutering your Golden Retriever will eliminate the risk of testicular cancer in males and mammary cancer in females, together with other disease in the female reproductive organs.

You add one to three years to your dog’s life when you spray and neuter them.  Spraying and neutering dogs keep them safe from dangerous situations. This is because Hormones can alter the behaviour of your Golden Retriever and may cause them to want to break away from the lover in search of a mate.

Greed Nutrition

Feeding your dog with High quality diets can go a long way to increase the lifespan.

Poor nutrition in Golden Retriever and dogs in general can case certain illness and conditions. These illness and conditions include obesity, pancreatic, bladder stones, heart disease and diarrhea. Poor diet also exposes the dog to inflammation.


Exercising is very vital for dogs as it helps maintain a healthy weight, especially when it comes to the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers  are prone to varieties of weight related health problems like the joint issues or esteoarthants, high blood pressure, type 2 disease, heart disease and kidney disease.

Proper exercise will keep your Golden Retriever off these health problems.

Obese dogs have a higher chance to developing cancer.

Brush their teeth

Gum disease and Cognovits can lead to serious illnesses on your Golden. Common sickness associated with dental problems like rotten teeth include gum inflammation, jaw fracture, kidney liver, heart disease and loss of appetite and weight.

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly and maintain a good oral hygiene can help ward off some disease.

Regular Veterinary check-up

Regular veterinary check-up are vital. Through this, diseases and several health problems can be spotted and addressed sooner.

Vets will keep your dog up to date through vaccinators to ensure they are guarded against contagious disease.

Feed your Golden Retriever with Healthy suppleness

Add good and healthy supplements to your Golden diet. Some of the supplements include; Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin (joint supplement). Consult your vet about good supplement to be added to your Golden, including the dossage you should give them.

Use Sunscreen on Sunny Days

You need to protect your Golden from sun. Dogs can get skin cancer, just like humans. It is vital that you apply a dog safe sunscreen to the tips of the nose, areas around the eyes and ears. Consult your vet for a good sunscreen recommendation.

Avoid Exposure to toxic substance

Limit your pet’s exposure to toxic substance can help extend your Golden’s lifespan. Don’t let your dog chew or lick object that have been treated with chemicals.

Limit stress

Golden Retrievers, if put under stress can become susceptible to chronic diseases. Try to keep your dog happy. Keep them away from bullying by other pets. The more relaxed your golden becomes, the longer they live.

The Oldest Living Golden Retriever

A 20 year old Augie is the oldest living Golden Retriever. She was born on April 24 2000.

Things That Reduce A Golden Retriever Lifespan

  • Increased body weight
  • Exposure to toxic substance
  • Early neutering and spawn
  • Unnecessary vaccination
  • Poor diet

Our Final Thought

Golden Retrievers are popular and among breeds of dogs they are extremely suitable pets due to their intellect, friendly and good sense of humor.

If you have Golden Retriever as a pet, you should know that they won’t be and forever.

However, if you want your dog to live longer consider tips provided on this article as they will increase the chance of your pets living a longer life.

We hope our Golden Retriever lifespan guide has given you the insight on how to best care for your beloved pet.

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