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How To Find A Foot Slave and How to Become Someone’s Foot Slave

Different people have different things that turn them on. For most, it is kissing, and candlelight dinners, while for a few, it is foot fetishes. Most persons get sxxxually arxxsed when their foot is the center of attention. If you fall under that category, then this article is for you. In the course of this article, we will be expounding on how to find a foot slave.

Who Is A Foot Slave?

Who Is A Foot Slave?
In very simplistic terms, a foot fetish can be described as a sxxxual interest in one’s feet. This implies that a person can be sxxxually arxxsed by the rubbing, licking, sucking, or touching of any part of the foot.
A foot slave is a person that massages, licks, or sucks the toes of his mistress. They are usually owned by women that have beautiful feet.

Guide On How to Find A Foot Slave

As a lady seeking a foot slave, your age does not matter. Whether you are skinny or not does not matter. What you need to know is that there are men out there that are willing to spend tangible time licking, and kissing your feet. The trick to finding the perfect foot slave is knowing what you want and developing a set of rules and standards when choosing your wanna-be foot slave.

Here are Foot Slave Rules and how to go about it:

How to be a foot slave OR how to find one? The first step to finding a foot slave is to decide what you want as a woman. Here are some intriguing self-questions that will help you sort that out:

  • Do you want a foot slave that is interactive or do you want to have 100% dominance over him?
  • Do you want to watch television in your sweat pants while your foot slave licks your feet?

As a lady seeking a foot slave, you need to set hard limits on things like mxxtxxbation, you can make your foot slave aware that everything starts in the feet and ends in the feet. You can state clearly that everything stays in your pants.

In your application for a candidate, foot slaves state clearly that you are looking for a foot fetish without sxxxual satisfaction.

You can place ads for the position of a foot slave on Craiglist or wherever else you feel most comfortable. If you place the right foot slave advert, you will get a lot of responses.

Sift out the rude, ignorant and disrespectful candidates. The reason you should give so much discretion to their responses is that a good foot slave will take pride in his response to you.

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Here is a sample of what your foot slave ad can look like:

“Footslave Needed: Accepting responses for consideration to work as a footboy. The work duration will be once a week for 2-4 hours. I am female, 4 Foot 3 inches in height, Average fat body, with high arches (Include a photo in heels, or your arch). Applicants who wish to be my Footboy should be between 25 years and 35 years.”

18 thoughts on “How To Find A Foot Slave and How to Become Someone’s Foot Slave

  1. That’s a good ad for a footboy, I would love to find a women who wants me for just that reason . To just massage , and worship her feet while she relaxes , at the end of the day .

  2. Hello slaves

    I am a dominant sadistic Mistress looking for male slaves. And that is slave as in being owned and not just something you like to do 5 minutes a day. 

    Boys, if you are not sure this is probably not for you. I am pretty strict, so if you don’t like the idea of having no freedom, move along. What do I want from you is obedience, submission, your crys, your begging, your whining. I am going to take all that. When you write me don’t just say hello. Write about yourself and why you would like to be a slave. Be respectful. It is not that hard to do. Be humble, but still present your talents.

    Kik! GoddessMagda

    Describe yourself and what are you looking for, guys with picture will receive an answer first.

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