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Shipment Barcode Label Unreadable and Replaced Meaning

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FedEx is a prominent international shipping company that offers an array of shipping services to customers worldwide. One of its crucial operations is the ability to track packages accurately as they move through the shipping process. To facilitate this, FedEx employs barcode labels on each package, which contain vital information such as the recipient’s address, package weight, and delivery instructions.

Barcode Label Unreadable And Replaced Meaning

Barcode Label Unreadable and Replaced simply means that the original label was unreadable, and FedEx has substituted it with a new one to facilitate accurate package tracking. The replacement label carries the same information as the original, such as the tracking number, package weight, and recipient’s address.

Occasionally, the barcode labels on FedEx packages may become unreadable, resulting in delivery delays and frustration for both senders and recipients. To address this issue, FedEx replaces unreadable barcode labels with new ones to ensure seamless package tracking throughout the shipping process.

Why Do FedEx Package Say Shipment Exception?

FedEx Package

Firstly, poor print quality can result in an unreadable FedEx barcode label. Using low-quality ink or paper can cause the barcode to be unclear, making it difficult for the scanner to read.

Secondly, damage to the label can cause an unreadable FedEx barcode. During transit, labels can become crumpled, torn, or otherwise damaged, resulting in a barcode that is unreadable.


Thirdly, smudging or staining of the FedEx barcode label can also result in an unreadable barcode. Exposure to moisture, oil, or other substances can cause smudging or staining, rendering the barcode illegible.

Fourthly, overlapping labels can obscure the barcode, making it unreadable. If multiple labels are placed on top of each other, the barcode may be obscured, making it difficult or impossible for the scanner to read.

Finally, incorrect placement of the barcode label can cause it to be unreadable. If the label is placed on a curved or irregular surface or in the wrong location on the package, the barcode may not be readable by the scanner.

If you are a FedEx customer and your package’s barcode label has been replaced, you can monitor your shipment using the new tracking number provided by FedEx. Additionally, if you have any concerns or queries about your shipment’s status, the best thing to do is to contact FedEx’s customer service department.

It is important to note that if a barcode label is unreadable, it can cause problems in the supply chain and lead to delays in processing the shipment. In this case, the label should be replaced as soon as possible to ensure the smooth flow of goods.


In conclusion, an unreadable FedEx barcode label can cause significant inconvenience to both the sender and the recipient. However, by promptly replacing the label, FedEx can ensure that the package is accurately tracked and delivered to its intended destination. Should you encounter this issue, remember to reach out to FedEx’s customer service department for assistance


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