4 Reasons To Play Online Multiplayer Games

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Multiplayer games conquered the market in the 1970s. Pong ’was the first multiplayer game. Multiplayer games of the time were turn-based. After one person died in the game, another person took over. The game ‘MIDI Maze’ allowed 16 players to play together.

Then there were the split-screen modes in shooting and racing games that allowed multiple players to play. After online games came into the picture. People used to gamble in Internet cafes with their friends. Now we can play games online while sitting at home.

Many single-player games have evolved into multiplayer games, like the Assassin’s Creed series. Multiplayer online games are now very popular. Here are the reasons for its popularity.

Show your masculine side
When you play online multiplayer games with other players and beat them in the games, it gives you the opportunity to show that you can play better than others. It gives a feeling of confidence and pride. The players challenge each other and feel the pride of winning.

By playing video games with multiple players, you can meet other people and socialize. Lots of people join different gaming communities as well where they talk about different games, playing tricks etc.

Best graphics
Since games now have better graphics and gameplay, game developers need to use a lot of resources. In the past, there was a split screen for playing multiplayer games. It is not possible with today’s games with great graphics because the game developer will need a lot of resources for players to play in split screen.

Playing online multiplayer games requires fewer resources. If you have to play split screen you will have to sacrifice graphics quality and most gamers are not ready to do that. So, due to advanced and complex graphics, developers create multiplayer online games.

Increase in income
Distributors earn more money from online multiplayer games. Piracy can lower profits. If players play together locally, they must have their own subscription and their own copies of the game.

So, it will be expensive for them to play the game and you will see less players playing multiplayer games. Micro-transactions in multiplayer games, which include the purchase of costumes, cards, weapons, etc. increase income.

Online multiplayer games are easily accessible and there are always players waiting to play. These games have outstanding graphics giving gamers amazing gaming experience. The demand for local multiplayer games is currently very low. Online multiplayer gaming has grown in popularity and game developers are making huge revenues from it.

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